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Another day in Sitges…

What a day today was… certainly beats the Autumn blues most of Western Europe is feeling at the moment… take a late break and spend it in Sitges…. Book your apartment or Search for Hotels here.


Summer has arrived

Season has definitely begun. The weather is amazing and the guys are looking hot! Get set for an amazing Summer. We have some great special features planned for you over the next couple of months so stay tuned! For those of you who want to check, visit Gay Sitges Guide’s weather page to see what […]


Spring in Sitges – 2008

What a day! Spring has certainly arrived in Sitges this weekend. The weather was stunning and crowds packed the streets. The restaurants were full by the sea front and lots of cute boys from Barcelona were wondering the streets or crusing in their convertibles! Roll on Summer. We’re currently upgrading our photo-database software. All updates […]


Seasonal Sitges

Although the temperature rearely dips below 14 degrees here during the Winter… we do get the odd cold-spell now and again. Here’s a photo taken some years ago when it actually showed! No one could believe it. Just to put you in the festive mood! Don’t worry though.. the weather here is perfect this week […]


Autumn Sunsets in Sitges.

As we slip into the end of Autumn, Sitges takes on a much more peaceful pace of life. With that the colour of everything around us changes and you can view some spectacular sunsets as you relax over a late cocktail. A lof of local businesses go on holidays at the end of November, but […]


Wet and Hot….

It doesn’t rain that often in Sitges, but when it does, it does in properly! And as always in Sitges, everything has a silver lining…. just look at this poor wet guy! If you are in Barcelona this weekend, check out the Heat Gay event which is one of the biggest gay porn festivals in […]


September …Summer in Sitges!

The beautiful weather continues….. and so do the beautiful boys! If you don’t hook up with a cute guy in Sitges this month..then shame on you! The beaches are still packed this September… check out the webcam to see the gay beach right now! Remember its Bears Week this week, so check out the Events […]


Sunny and Delightful

Its not every day that we get excited about the weather in Sitges, however given that we didn’t have the greatest weather in the last week or so, its nice to see the weatherman get all excited yesterday and use the words “Sunny and Delightful” to describe our future weather prospects. Temperatures are set to […]


Sitges, somewhere over the rainbow…

Sitges is just such a positive place to live in! The lifestyle, the weather, the people. You have to be here to truly experience all the town has to offer. Today it rained all day. Unusual for Sitges. And wow, were we treated to a spectacular sunset. The sun sets over the Dolce Hotel every […]


The Last Day of Winter.. in Sitges

Today in Sitges the weather was truly amazing. And it is set to get better. With temperatures expected to reach 22 degrees on Saturday its more like May than March. We took the afternoon off to stroll around the beach promenade. The surfers were out in force as were the sailiors. Hello boys! It reminded […]