The Sitges-Formentera Regata 2007


The details of the Sitges to Formentera Regata have been announced recently. For those of you who have marvelled at the beauty of some of the yachts that grace the port of Aguadolc, then this is an event to put in your diary. It takes place on the 5th of April 2007 and will see a flotilla of beautiful ships leave Sitges for Formentera in the heart of the Meditterranean.

Check out Regata Ophiusa for more details.

The Perfect Valentines Day in Sitges

Valentines Day Sitges

Assuming you have the perfect apartment or Guest Room, take breakfast in one of the many cafes facing the sea. Then pop on the train to Barcelona and head for CatheHelicopters. Barcelona is a beautiful city and its architecture looks even more amazing from the Sky. It really is romantic as you take in the breataking views over the mountains and down into the city itself.

Romantic Valentines in Sitges

Do some shopping when you finish… we recommend something expensive with a diamond or two… or for those looking for something more unique, try the Encants Vells or “Old Gems” market whch is a cross between a jumble sale and an antiques market. Great fun!

Sitges Romantic

On your return to Sitges, stop off at the Hotel Romantic for a nice cool crisp glass of Cava.

Sitges Valentines Day

Then after your little Siesta, head out for a nice dinner. Want something traditionally delicious, then try Monroe's. Want something different and exotic, they try Siithai. Want to blow your budget, then try La Fragata. A full list of restaurants is available here.

Valentines Day

After dinner, the entire of Sitges will be at your feet. As its Carnival every bar, club and late night cafe will be open and packed with people out to partry!

So enjoy!

Dog Meat Disco – Privilege – This Saturday 3rd Feb

Dog Meat Disco

Block your little black book on Saturday and keep it free for Dog Meat Disco, which takes place in Privilege, on Calle Bonaire in Sitges. It promises to be as fresh, funky, “kinky and badly educated” as always with a special bongo-drums performance which is not to be missed.

Happy Hour @ El Horno

El Horno, Sitges

If you want to get to know many of the expat boys in Sitges, then there's no better bar to visit than El Horno during the winter months. Owned by Rome, the proprietor of XXL and Man Bar, El Horno is a well know Sitges pub with a cosy atmosphere and friendly barmen.

El Horno Sitges

One of the most popular times in EL Horno is the daily happy hour, which takes place every day from 5.30 – 7pm.

Be sure to pay a visit.

Win on of 10 Box Sets of the Dieux De Stade Videos..

Win, Gay Sitges Guide

We have 10 Box sets of the Dieux De Stade DVDs to give away. Yes, we have the 2007, 2006 and 2005 “Making of the Calendar” DVDs… all beautifully presented for you to win! Simply sign-up to our newsletter to be in with a chance to win.

For a taste of what the DVDs are like, take a look at the video clip below.

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Sitges Carnival Costumes…

Carnival Costumes

Last year the theme as always seemed to focus on feathers, leathers and supermen! Bunnies included!

Even though Carnival is not stricly a gay event, there are several days which have been claimed by local gay boys and girls as there own. Believe it or not, the majority of the boys you see walking round dressed up as women are actually straight… or so they say… we don't believe a word of it!

Carnival Costumes
Our 2 American super heroes were in town and left very little to the imagination!

Some locals have been planning what to wear since last October, so expect some spectacular outfits over the 5 days of the event.

Carnival Costumes

Carnival takes place this Feb 14th and lasts approximately 1 week.

If you are in Sitges and want a customised costume, we recommend you try,

Chill out in the afternoon @ PRINZ…

Prinz, Afternoon Chill Out Sessions ,

If you're in the mood for something different and want to relax in the excellent company of Ryan and Marco, then we suggest you pay a visit to Prinz, on Carrer Nou.

Their afternoon chill-out sessions are just the ticket for the long winter evenings.. and perfect to start to a great night out. Make new friends, relax with some cool sounds and savour the great service in one of Sitges' best bars…

Frank Lampard… Sitges Newest Resident….

Frank Lampard, Sitges

British and Spanish Tabloid newspapers were full of stories reporting Frank Lampard's possible move to either Barcelona or Madrid. Either way, one major newspaper has it on good authority that Frank has bought a house in Sitges…

Sitges, Frank Lampard

Well, from the photo above we think he's, ahem, well equipped to deal with the narrow streets.

Frank Lampard

We're sure the local residents of Sitges will make Frank feel more than welcome! Hes set to join a long list of celebrities who have a second home in the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Essentials 101 – No 2, Malvasia.

Malvasia Sitges

We've been neglecting our 101 essentials of late.. so much so that we're still at No 1. So after being introduced recently to Malvasia de Sitges, we thought we would include it as Essential No 2, as once you've tasted it, you'll be hooked. Sitges Malvasia is a true rarity with yearly production of about 4,500 bottles in total.

2.5 hectares of Sitges Malvasia still exist today, though they are now embedded between more recently erected houses and buildings. Manuel Llopis de Casades left a will one month before dying which handed over possession and management of all his properties in the Sitges territory to the Hospital de Saint Juan Bautista de Sitges (a religious charitable institution) on the condition that they continue production of Sitges Malvasia from the Llopis vines.

Malvasia Sitges

And so today people still enjoy this delicious wine. Be sure to try and get a glass if you can find it… and if you can lay your hands on a bottle even better! A must for every liquor cabinet. The wine is so famous that even the 5 Star Dolce Sitges Hotel named their main bar after it… so we recommend you spend an evening there and sip a glass while you take in some spectacular sunsets.

Summer 2007 – What you will be wearing….mmmm

Fashion Trends 2007

We received some releases over the weekend showing us what every fashionista will be wearing on the beaches and streets of Sitges this Summer. If you've ever been to Sitges then you will know the influence the Italians have on the fashion scene over here. Expect even smaller trunks, bigger glasses and lots and lots of dark demin for Summer 2007!

Fashion Trends 2007

Skimpy and white… not very practical, but who cares!

Fashion Trends 2007

The butch look is in. “Wifebeaters” are de jour apparently.

Fashion Trends 2007

Looking fit never looked so good, lots of greys and matching tops are the trend.

Fashion Trends 2007

Again, the tank top theme is back again for 2007… perfect for those tanned biceps.

Fashion Trends 2007

Dark demin, zips and leater weaves are hot for the season… and those clubs!

Fashion Trends 2007

Dark…dark..dark..expect lots of chains dark demin and boots this Summer… black baton, optional.

Bring your credit card to Sitges when you go shopping… you're going to need it!