Sitges Carnival – Welcome to the Party!

From Mexicans in Parrots to Putas in Queenz, 70s disco glam in Rubys to Crazy Nights in Dark Bar…. Falling in Love in Privilege to Mantillas night in L’Angle…. this season’s Carnival is almost upon us!

The Lady Returns – Parrots Restaurant – Sitges Carnival 2013…

Lady Diamond returns to Sitges from her world tour and hosts two very special dinner nights in Parrots Restaurant. The dinners take place on Friday the 8th and Tuesday the 12th of February. Reservations are highly recommended.

Dark Sitges – Carnival Party 2013.

Dark Siges, known for its unusual posters and parties, once again surprises us with its “Are you crazy?” Carnival theme. Who knows what’s in store for you when you visit one of Sitges most popular bars of the moment.

Backstage Sitges – “Stars night” – Carnival 2013

Backstage, the latest new gay bar in Sitges will host its Carnival Party on Friday the 8th of February. Their “Noche de las Estrellas” or Stars Night will offer prizes throughout the night for the best performances. The stage is yours!

Ma Maison – Carnival Dinners & Shows…

Restaurant Ma Maison is hosting 3 different events this Carnival. From Noche Rosa to The Widows night..enjoy delicious food and some great shows.

L’Angle Restaurant – La Noche de la Mantilla

Parrots Pub and L’Angle Restaurant are hosting a special drinks reception and dinner for all those attending the “Fiesta de la Mantilla” Comodin on Tuesday the 5th of February.

Comodin – Fiesta de la Mantilla

Comodin is hosting its traditional “Mantillas” night on Tuesday the 5th of February. It marks the beginning of Carnival and is always a busy night of fun, music and costumes. There are prizes for the boy or girl with the best Mantilla.

Tarde de las Putas comes to Queenz

Daniel, Sebastien and Secre will me moving on from El Candil to host their very first Carnival party at Queenz.

Carnival at La Villa

Each of the bars in Sitges host a unique and different party during the Carnival. This Year “La Villa” has decided to extend their theme to an entire weekend. The theme….”The Kilt Party”.

Parrots goes to Mexico…

This year… everyone’s favorite Carnival Bar, Parrots, goes to “Mexico”! Yes the theme will be all things Mexican… so make sure you stock up on your tequila! The Parrots Sitges Party kicks off on Wed the 5th of Febuary at 7pm! Check out Parrots Listing on Gay Sitges Guide.