Dark Sitges Bar – Promising Something Different for Sitges Carnival 2010

Dark Sitges Bar is promising a very different experience for this year’s Carnival.

Carnival Sitges – Dates to Remember…

Check out the list of the latest parties in Sitges during the Gay Carnival.

Sydney Prepares for Mardi Gras…. Gay Sydney 4u.com

Check out this amazing video for Sydney Mardi Gras and visit GaySydney4u.com for details on the upcoming events.

Gay Pride Sitges – All will be revealed..

The Gay Pride Sitges website will be live within the next week with full details of the major events and parties.

Gay Sitges Guide goes Hi-Res

Now our video montages are being reproduced in high-res format for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy

es Summer 2010 Collection.

Check out the es Collection for Summer 2010… delicious!

Sitges Carnival/Carnaval – Parade Dates and Route 2010.

Check out the parade routes for Sitges Carnival 2010…. and make sure you get your place on the street early.. otherwise you will miss out!

Privilege, Sitges in January..

A busy night in Privilege with the celebration of Filippe and Kevin’s birthdays…