Autumn Weekends in Sitges at Privilege

Privilege has announced their Autumn line-up for weekends in Sitges. Every Friday night Secre and friends will host a very unique and fun-filled cabaret show.

December in Sitges…

Enjoy a weekend break in Sitges with an apartment by the sea.

Sitges Weekend….

This weekend we were in B-Side and Bourbons, two of Sitges most popular bars during the Winter Months. The weekends in Sitges are still very busy with people escaping Barcelona and tourists taking an extra long weekend …. Check out the Bars section on Gay Sitges Guide for more information. Click here for the B-Side […]

Sitges this Autumn…

We’re getting a lot of questions regarding how busy Sitges is during the Autumn. And yes it certainly takes on a quieter pace, however weekends are still busy and mid week bars are busy with an influx of people visiting from Barcelona and checking out what the town is like before coming back for a […]

Another day in Sitges…

What a day today was… certainly beats the Autumn blues most of Western Europe is feeling at the moment… take a late break and spend it in Sitges…. Book your apartment or Search for Hotels here.

October in Sitges…

One of the most common questions we get asked this time of year, is what is Sitges like in October? Well, we are in the middle of a movie festival, so the town is abuzz with people. Don’t forget this Friday, there’s a Zombie walk through town! So depending on the weather, head to Parrots […]

Bourbons to Open During Winter!

Bourbons Bar is set to open for the entire Autumn/Winter Period. The bar will be open from Wed to Sunday, from 10pm with a Special all night happy hour every Thursday. For further details check out their listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Surfing.. Christmas Trees… just another Gay Day in Sitges.

We asked for it… a couple of days ago we were discussing how beautiful the weather was for December… and what happened… it's suddenly gotten decidedly cooler! But never mind. There is still plenty to do and the Winter sunshine here is a summer's day for most of us. The late evenings are perfect for […]