Sitges Spring Massage Special..

Spring Massage Special

Casa Relajese Sitges is offering a 10 percent discount on all Massage Treatments booked and taken during March! So relax with a hot stone massage or try the traditional Swedish Massage! The choice is yours!

Visit Casa Relajese on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Theraputic Massage in Sitges..

Casa Relajese

Casa Relajese have a very special offer for October and November. Clients booking a massage treatment will get their second massage for 50 percent less, that’s a saving of over EUR 23. Find out more by visiting now.

Casa Relajese, A Massage in Sitges

Darrel Guiye

Even a holiday in Sitges can cause some stress…. think of all those neck movements on the beach as you watch all the hot guys walk by!

A massage by Darrel at Casa Relajese may be just what you need. You can find out more by visiting him at his website here.