Gay Pride Sitges beach party

Sitges Pride 2018 – The Gay Beach Party

The Gay Beach Party made a welcome return to Sitges in its new home Hola Beach Club.

Sitges Pride Inauguration

Gay Pride Sites 2018 – Inauguration

Check out the photos of the official launch of Gay Pride Sitges at the Hotel Calipolis.

ES Collection Store – Ready for a fun Summer!

ES Collection’s flagship store is ready for a Summer of fun. The entire collection is available at the store on Calle Parellades!

Sitges Pride Program

Sitges Pride Program 2018 – Now online!

Check out the News in Sitges Print program online before it arrives in Sitges! Check out the main acts and parties for Sitges Pride 2018.

Addicted Fetish

ADDICTED Fetish – For your BUNKER Pride Parties!

The ADFetish store carries a full range of fetish clothing from leading brands such as Addicted and Boxer!

Addicted – Open for Pride!

The ADDICTED store on Calle Parellades is open for all your #sitgespride18 needs! Check out the recent collection and buy your outfits for the themed parties each night.

Gay Beach Party 2018

Gay Beach Party – Day Edition – Sitges Pride 2018

The Gay Beach Party – Day Edition – Returns to Sitges for the Gay Pride celebrations. Right by the sea at HOLA Beach Club.

Poseidon Boat Party

POSEIDON – The Sitges Boat Party

The POSEIDON Pride boat party returns to Sitges on June 15th. Tickets will sell out in advance! Enjoy the Sensations Catamaran tour of the sea!