events not to miss in Sitges 2017

Sitges Events 2017 – The Countdown has begun!

Sitges is know as the “Village of Festivals” where every weekend the village seems to celebrate one event or another. Check our top 10 events not to miss!

Sitges Oktoberfest 2016 – In Photos

Check out some fun photos of the annual Sitges Oktoberfest which takes place each year just after he film festival.

Sitges Oktoberfest 2016

Sitges Oktoberfest 2016

This year’s Sitges Oktoberfest will take place on the 14th and 15th of October, right at the end of the Sitges Film Festival.

Sitges Zombie Walk 2016

Sitges Zombie Night 2016

Sitges Zombie Walk 2016 saw more than 1,000+ zombies descend upon the village during a 4 hour walk through the town centre.