Wednesdays Wanderings….

XXL Beach Party

Midweek, and its time to find a hot boy for a weekend of fun! No better place then than Bourbons Bar on Bonaventura.. Great Music, Great Fun, Hot Boys, Cool Bar Boys and fantastic drinks prices… Look out for the surprise in the bathrooms!

XXL Beach Party

This Wed sees XXL kick off August with the Beach Party. Its a theme night, so bring your ahem…buckets and shovels….

Privilege Strip Tease

Then get your heart racing by watching some very attractive men get undressed at Privilege!

Privilege Strip Tease

Finally round the night off at PRINZ for some cabaret and amazing performances from the Prinz Boys with Lady Diamond!

For a full list of all of the bars in Sitges, visith Gay Sitges Guide’s Bars Section.

Gaydar Boys at the GBP 2007 – Welcome August!

Gaydar Gay Beach Party Insatiable

What a way to welcome August. The Gay Beach Party in assocation with Matinee Group presents Gaydar’s Insatiable Party 2007!

Gaydar Gay Beach Party Insatiable

This is the first time the party will be held at L’Atlantida so…. be prepared for an evening like no other with special guest DJ’s, the Gaydar boys and some very special guests!

Gaydar Gay Beach Party Insatiable

Remember the Gay Beach Party takes place every Tuesday night in Sitges… Free bus outside the Calipolis Hotel.

Gaydar Gay Beach Party Insatiable

Check out their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide for further details.

PRINZ – The Shower Party – Tuesdays

Prinz, Shower Party

If you are in Sitges on Tuesday nights then a visit to Prinz Bar should be part of your essential itinerary!

Prinz, Shower Party

Yes…these are two hot latin boys taking a shower… and we mean shower! There’s nothing else like it in Sitges!

Prinz, Shower Party

Not for the shy or the faint of heart, this event has been a huge success and is set to become even steamier during the August months!

Prinz, Shower Party

Prinz Bar is located on C.Nou. The show starts from around 1am, but get there early to be sure of a getting a good spot to watch everything!

Prinz, Shower Party

And we do mean everything.. check out the gallery for all the pics or visit Prinz full listing on Gay Sitges Guide for further details!

Prinz, Shower Party

Remember, the only way to see the pics withou the “stars” is to go and attend the show yourself! You don’t know what you’re missing! Enjoy…

Man Bar, Sports Night

Meanwhile you can check out the Sports Night at Man Bar this evening (Monday)… always a popular and very sexy night! (remember to dress appropriately)

Underwear night B-Side

Or strip off to your underwear at B-Side! Great Fun!!!!

Weekend beach boys…

Cute Guys Sitges

Here are some more beach shots compliments of Pierre, our 19 year old hot french friend who roams the beaches every few days for Gay Sitges Guide. Be sure to say hi… and oh, pics of boys who put effort into their poses will be rewarded with a prize!!

Cute Guys Sitges

These shots were taken last weekend at the beach just before the hotel Terramar, with most of the boys on their way to or from the Gay nudist beach! Yum.

Cute Guys Sitges

Say hello to Pierre’s boyfriend, Michel who came along for the day! Delicious.

Cute Guys Sitges

Remember, if you want to be included in our photos section, just email Gay Sitges Guide at

Cute Guys Sitges

Thanks to all the boys who posed last weekend. Your shots will be included over the next few weeks so keep a look out!

Cute Guys Sitges

Stay tuned for the photos of the “Gaydar Boys”, comming soon!

Insataibale at The Gay Beach Party


The Gay Beach Party hosts “Insatiable”, the Gaydar party this comming Tuesday (31st August).


Insatiable is a roaming party, making its way around most of Europe over the next few months with the Hot Gaydar boys and special guest DJs.
Check out the Gay Beach Party’s full listing on Gay Sitges Guide for further info of visit http//

Matinee Boys in Sitges

Matinee Boys

If you are attending the Bahia presentation this evening, then you are in for a treat! Check out the hottest boys from Matinee at the Calipolis while you learn about some of the amazing opportunities in Bahia… the Sitges of Latin America! Invitation Only. Cocktail reception! We have a limited number of invites, so if you are interested in property in Bazil, call us on +34 637 204 449 or email

Discover the Sitges of Brazil


Friday evening at the Calipolis Hotel, is your opportunity to view the latest development in the beautiful city of Bahia, South America. So if you like to spend Summer in Sitges and Winter in Latin America, there is no better place to look to settle for the Winter months. Enjoy a Cosmpolitan while the lovely Christian takes you on a round trip Journey as to what Bahia has to offer.

This unique development is being targeted exclusively at the gay market and with property prices increasing exponentially in Brazil, now is the time to take a look at this emerging HOT market. Look out for the cute Brazillian boys too!

Check out the official website for full details.

Midweek Diversions – What to see on Wednesday!

Man Bar Leather Night

Every night is busy now in Sitges, but Wednesday nights sees some great parties! Man Bar’s Leather Night is well worth a visit if you like hard men and leather!

Underwear Night Man, B Side

A firm favourite, B-Side’s Underwear party is a great way to cool down… or get steamy downstairs!

Strippers, Oreks, Sitges

Beautiful boys stripping off… what more do you need…at Oreks.

Foam Party Trailer

The ever popular foam party at Trailer… NOT for the faint of heart! But definitely for the voyeur!

Bears Bar Nude Night

Don’t even want to wear your underwear… then head on down to Bears Bar and go to Sitges only nude party!

Check out the day by day section on Gay Sitges Guide to find out whats happening and where!

Gay Beach Party – Foam Night – Tue 24th July

Gay Beach Party, Sitges, Foam Night

Tonight sees the return of the Gay Beach Party’s Foam Night. Here are some shots of the party last Tuesday!

Gay Beach Party, Sitges, Foam Night

As you can see its a fun night, so bring your swimsuit!

Gay Beach Party, Sitges, Foam Night

The Gay Beach Party is one of the best nights out in Sitges. Free buses leave from outside the Calipolis Hotel from 12.30am.

Gay Beach Party, Sitges, Foam Night

The party takes place in the beautiful L’Atlantida Club which has its own private beach and is one of the few open air clubs in Spain.

Gay Beach Party, Sitges, Foam Night

For further details check out their full listing on Gay Sitges or visit the Foam Gallery!

Weekend Galleries

Its been a busy week, so here are all the Galleries updated from last week and the weekend! Thanks to all the hot boys who posed!

B Side

B-Side and their hot cowboy Stripper. Gallery Listing


The Prinz Boys Dancing in Oscars on Thursday Gallery Listing


A Saturday night in cool Mediterraneo. Gallery


A busy night and a firm favourite, Bourbons! Gallery Listing


Finally the end of the night at Organic on Saturday. Gallery Listing.