Halloween Night – Party Party

Gay Halloween Sitge

Party party party.. Yes it's Halloween Eve in Sitges and the bars around town are celebrating in Style.

Privilege – Halloween Party

B-Side – Specail Tarot Readings and other goulish goings on…

Mini Himalaya – Halloween Party – Don't forget to dress up

Bears Bar – Closing Night – Free Gift with Every Drink

Comodin – Espectaculo – Witches Witches Witches

Looking Good – Shopping in Sitges

Ovlas Shopping

Ovlas is quite a famous brand in Spain, with Shops in Madrid, Barcelona and Sitges. There clothing range is uniquely tailored to the Spanish/Latin market. Sizes are extra-small. Colours are vibrant and the look is hot, sexy and young!

Ovlas Shopping

To find out more why not visit their website, http://www.ovlas.com. To get exact directions to their store in Sitges, check out their listing on the site.

Ovlas Shopping

Remember the shops are open in Sitges until 8.30pm, but close from 2pm to 5pm for the siesta.

Ovlas Shopping

Ovlas is located on C.San.Francisco and is just off Cap De La Vila. So there's no excuse… get shopping now!

Ovlas Shopping

The Barcelona-Sitges Cycle Race

Sitges Barcelona

Next weekend sees one of the final races in the Catalan Cycling tour (Cycling is a huge sport over here… all those mountains and shorts you see). The XII Pedalada Ecológica Popular Barcelona-Sitges is taking place on Sunday 5th of November and should see well over 500+ entrants this year.

Road diversions and closures will be in effect from early Sunday morning. If you are out on Sunday its worth a look… the Spanish boys are particularly nice.

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Parking in Sitges? Watch out!

Sitges Parking

Sitges is a great place to live and to visit… but some of the rules of the law here are a little odd.. None more so than the parking rules. On the first of every month, on certain streets, the side of the road you can park on changes! Yes. on the 31st of October you park say, on the left hand side… and on the 1st of November… you should be parked on the right! Confused? So are a lot of tourists, who wake-up to find their car replaced by a nice orange traingle-sticker.


It seems only fair that shops get their fair share of customer footfall…so cars park on either side of the road to make things fair for everyone. We often wake up to the sounds of horns blowing (ahem!)… where cars are parked so confusingly on either side of the road that its impossible drive down a street.

Parking in Sitges

The police are quick to fix the problem, but it can be a costly business to get your car back out of the pound.

You have been warned!

Strolling around Sitges…

Gay Sitges

Strolling around Sitges today and the weather was simply beautiful. The cafes were buzzing with lots of lovely boys from Barcelona and beyond. With most of Northern Europe covered in rainclouds, its time to skip town and pay us a visit. You never know what we might see. We thought we were seeing double when these two guys passed us by. Its a very Sitges-look though!

An extra hour in bed… mmmmmmm


Remember this weekend… you have an extra hour to party the night away… or an exta hour in bed to recover… At 3am Sunday morning, the clocks go back to 2am from CEST to CET.

Remember Organic is having it's last night before closing until Christmas complete with band playing at 3am.. Should be different.

Saints and Sinners

All Saints Day, Sitges

“To each day a saint, and to each saint a cake,” or so the saying goes.. Spanish holidays are steeped in tradition and every tradition comes with a tempting sweet, most often available only at that particular time of year. At Easter you can enjoy the anis-flavoured, donut-like bunyols de Quaresma. On Saint John's Day (24th June) you should try the sugar-coated coca de Sant Joan.

This month, in early November, around All-Saints Day (1st November), you can find the delectable panellets, traditionally made of marzipan and pine nuts. The best ones are the freashy baked panellets from the bakeries.

Sitges… just a click away

Gay Sitges Flights

Clickair is a relatively new airline based in Barcelona and has the backing of Iberia, Spain's national airline. They are a low-cost airline and currently operate 3 routes but are quickly expanding their interanational network.

They launched here in Spain with much fanfare and a lot of EUR 1 flights were given away. We held off on recommending them as we have seen these type of airlines come and go over the past couple of years. However this airline seems to be genuine and are keeping to their plans of opening more routes over the next 12 months.

By the beginning of March next year the will be flying from major hubs such as Amsterdam and Frankfurt… so consider them when planning your next trip here… just in time for Season 07.

Trunks or Speedos… Swimwear in 2007

Gay Swimwear 2007

AussieBum definitely won the battle of the trunks on the beaches of Sitges this year. We saw more of our fair share of boys in and out of the classic “06” trunk!

Gay Swimwear 2007

Now that it is almost officially Summertime in Oz, their 07 collection has hit the shops. The trend again is tight, skimpy and country-specific…. your trunks not only show how well equipped you are… they now let everyone know where you come from too!

Gay Swimwear 2007

One brand to watch for 2007 if Rufskin. Provocative, daring and different, you have to be in shape to get away with wearing these on the beach! Should make people-watching all the more fun on Sitges' beaches next year!