Fiesta Mayor in Sitges at Privilege..

Fiesta Mayor celebrations concluded in Sitges on Saturday Night. We will have more photos of the fireworks and parades from out photographers later this week.

Fiesta Mayor at Parrots Pub & Terrace 2013

Saturday night and Sitges was continuing to celebrate the town’s largest festival, Fiesta Mayor. Parrots Pub and Terrace has become the epicenter of the Gay Village in Plz Industria.

Fiesta Mayor at Organic Club Sitges 2013

Organic was our final destination for Fiesta Mayor celebrations. The club is open every night throughout the Summer season.

Fiesta Mayor @ Privilege 2013

Its Fiesta Mayor in Sitges.. the town’s biggest festival! Friday night saw a spectacular Firework’s display, the finale of which you can see in the video below.

Gay Beach Party – Bitch Beach Night – 2013

Thursday’s Gay Beach Party’s theme was “Bitch Beach – Wear what you dare!” It is always one of the racier nights! And the party did not disappoint!

Privilege – Hot Summer Weekends 2013

This weekend in Sitges was scorching! And the hottest boys in Sitges were in Privilege…

Mr Gay Beach Party 2013

The Gay Beach Party in Sweet Pacha has proven very popular this August. Thursday nights see the club transformed into a gay super club on two levels..

Gay Beach Party – Pre Party @ Parrots Pub & Terrace.

Remember, every Thursday night you can save on entry to the Gay Beach Party by purchasing your ticket in advance. Head to Parrots Pub & Terrace and you can save EUR 5 off the price of admission.

Mid week fun in Privilege…

Temperatures continue to soar in Sitges and the boys are getting hotter too! The influx of hot guys from Barcelona’s Circuit festival continues unabated!

Fiesta Mayor – Official Program 2013

The 2013 official program for Fiesta Mayor is online. Unfortunately it is not in English, but its quite easy to use Google Translate. The one day you don’t want to miss is Friday the 23rd of July, when the huge fireworks spectacular takes place on the beach at 11pm. Get there early to grab a good spot to see everything. Remember, the further away from the church, the more you will see!