Sitges Zombie Walk 2017

Sitges Zombie Walk 2017

Several thousand Zombies descended upon Sitges as part of the annual Sitges Film Festival Celebrations in October.

Sitges Zombie Walk 2016

Sitges Zombie Night 2016

Sitges Zombie Walk 2016 saw more than 1,000+ zombies descend upon the village during a 4 hour walk through the town centre.

Sitges Zombie Walk

Sitges Zombie Walk 2015 – All you need to know

This year’s Sitges Zombie Walk is expected to draw record numbers. The event takes place on Saturday the 10th of October

Sitges Zombie Walk

Sitges Zombie Walk 2013

Sitges Zombie walk took place this weekend and the village was transformed into a living nightmare of fun!

Reminder- Sitges Zombie Walk 2013

As the International Film festival gets underway in Sitges, preparations are already beginning for the Zombie walk this Saturday evening.

Sitges Zombie Walk 2013

This year’s Sitges Zombie Walk takes place on Saturday October 12th as part of Sitges International Film Festival. Those wishing to attend can get their make-up completed by professional make up artists and join in the fun from around 8pm.

Sitges Zombie Walk 2012

The Sitges Zombie Walk is one of the biggest events in October. Part of the Sitges Film Festival, the event takes place on Friday October 12th

Sitges in the news – Zombie Walk 2010

If you missed any of the crazy antics taking place during the weekend here is some footage of a very different looking Markatu Band,Together with some great shots of the Zombie walk as it makes its way through Sitges. Enjoy!

Sitges Zombie Walk 2010..

The annual Sitges Zombie walk took place this weekend. More than 400 people dressed up and walked through the streets of Sitges, with many queuing for hours and then waiting for hours to be “Zombified”….