Events Cancelled in Sitges 2020

Sitges Events 2020 and beyond, cancelled or postponed?

Our latest information on the events taking place in Sitges during 2020 and beyond.

Pride Walk

Sitges Rainbow Walk

A new “Rainbow Walk” has been installed in Sitges as part of the celebrations for International Pride Day on the 28th of June.

Balmins Gay beach Sitges

Balmins Beach Sitges – Where all the gays want to stay and play!

Balmins gay beach.. the place where all the guys want to stay and play in Sitges. Find the best places with us.

Sitges Gay Beaches

Sitges Beaches receive 5 blue flags

Sitges beaches received 5 blue flags as the Summer Season kicks off. Beaches include San Sebastian and La Ribera in the centre of town.

Apartments in Sitges

Sitges Designer Apartments for private Summer escape.

Your own Sitges apartment offers you the freedom to come and go as you please without having to deal with other guests. Great for social-distancing!

New rules for Sitges Beaches

Sitges Beaches Reopen – New Rules for sunbathing in 2020

As Sitges transitions through the 4 phases of the lock down, new rules will come into place regarding the beaches, including access and space restrictions.

Where to Stay in Sitges

Top 5 places to stay in Sitges

Searching for the perfect place to stay in Sitges takes time. Discover our top 5 places to stay in Sitges, from luxury hotels to delux apartments.