Sitges Travel Advisory

Gay Sitges Guide will bring you up to date information on Sitges as and when we receive it regarding the travel situation in Spain.

Sitges Travel Advisory

UPDATE – March 2021

  • Catalonia’s county-level lockdown, in place from February 8 after a month of municipality-level restrictions, will be loosened from Monday, March 15.
  • Non-essential shops, closed on weekends since early January, will also be able to open from next Monday.
  • Bars and restaurants can operate until 5pm each day with a limit on numbers and social distancing measures enforced. Groups of no more than 6 can meet and must be from the same social bubble. This will drop to 4 during the Easter weekend.


  • Catalan and Spanish authorities have ruled out a widespread reopening of the economy over Easter and have instead announced tighter restrictions on social gatherings. (Groups reducing from 6 to 4)
  • Spanish regional governments have also agreed to keep their borders shut during the upcoming holiday, which usually sees crowds of Spaniards travelling to other regions.

Traveling to Catalunya

All passengers to Spain arriving from a country or zone of risk (except for children under 6 years old), must have a PCR or TMA for SARS-CoV-2 with a negative result, carried out in the seventy-two hours prior to arrival in Spain. Passengers may be asked for proof of the test result at any time. Consult the FAQ of Ministry of Health.

If you are coming from abroad, you must fill the Health Control Form (FCS) and show the QR code at the Border Health Control. Get to know more

Incoming flights from the United Kingdom, Brazil and  South Africa are restricted, except for nationals or residents of our country and Andorra.

Get to know the measures established by the Government of the Canary and Balearic Islands for passengers travelling to these Communities from other parts of the National territory.

There are restrictions to travel in different communities and restrictions on night-time mobility. In Catalunya this is between 10pm and 6am.  Passengers in transit will not be affected. Keep your boarding pass.

Use Radar COVID app to report a positive PCR test and receive Covid-19 risk contact alerts. All in an anonymous, secure, confidential and voluntary way since it does not use your personal data or location. Search the App Store and download.

Relevant health indications and recommendations:  

  • Mandatory use of masks.
  • Avoid using public transport if someone is unwell.
  • Avoid rush hours whenever possible.
  • When exiting a place, wash your hands with soap or hydroalcoholic gel at the earliest chance.
  • Keep the safety distance and avoid sitting in seats facing other users.
  • When standing in line in a queue, at a stops or stations, make sure to respect the safety distances and order. Should the vehicle reach its maximum occupancy, please wait for the next one to come.
  • Bus drivers do no longer sell tickets at the bus. You need to buy them in advance.

Ongoing Safety Measures

Safety distance:

It is requested to maintain a safety distance between people of 1.5m and a safety space of 2.5m2 per person.

Distances of less than 1m cannot be held indoors, except between people who travel in a group, or that have close contact on a regular basis.


  • The use of face masks is mandatory for everyone over 6 years old when outside on the street and outdoors as well as in any public space outdoors or indoors and while using public transportation.
  • The use of face masks is not mandatory for those suffering any type of respiratory illness or difficulty that may be exacerbated by the use of such face mask.
  • There are some exceptions while practicing sports, while eating or drinking, while at the beach or swimming pool and while you are surrounded by the people in your household.
  • For additional information, please check the website of the health department of the Catalan Government.

Meetings and gatherings:

Meetings and gatherings are allowed as long as they do not involve crowds or exceed the maximum allowed capacity. It is recommended to limit social gatherings outside the groups of coexistence and meetings cannot exceed the maximum of 6 people.

Tobacco consumption and the like:

Smoking is not allowed on public roads or in outdoor spaces when a minimum distance of 2 meters between people cannot be respected.

I plan on visiting in Summer 2021, will it be busy in Sitges? Is it Safe?

This is the most common question we have from visitors. We do not anticipate any return to normal in Sitges until the early Spring (possibly Easter time) and even then it is not certain which countries will be allowed to travel and what restrictions will be in place.

Domestic travel will likely begin a little earlier followed by international visitors.

For the past year, Sitges has complied with all the COVID regulations and compliance will continue in the future to ensure visitor safety. It is very likely that limits on capacity in bars, shops,restaurants and beaches will remain in force over the next 6 months at a minimum.

The decision to travel also depends on your health status. If you are in an at-risk category, you need to carefully consider your options.l. We suggest you book a hotel or apartment with a flexible cancellation policy.

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Will Sitges beaches open in 2021?

Beaches are currently open to the public. It is not clear what the restrictions will be in place in 2021 when the seasonal reopening of the beaches begins over Easter. We expect a limit on numbers and the requirement of a mask when entering and leaving the beach to be requirements as per last year, but this has yet to be confirmed.

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Bears Week September Edition is set to go ahead, with some changes to be confirmed.

Which events have been cancelled/postponed?

The Bears Week in May has been cancelled, but visitors are still planning to attend. Confused? Check out what’s going on for the May Weekend.

Do you have dates for Sitges events in 2021?

Will Sitges Pride take place in 20201?

Currently AFGAL are waiting to see how the health situation enfolds domestically and Internationally. Organisers have pledged to host the event in the late Summer if it is safe to do so, but no dates are expected to be finalised until after Easter 2021 at the earliest.

How can I stay up to date on what’s happening in Sitges?

For more information on the situation in Sitges download the app and  follow our Facebook Page.

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