Christmas in Sitges 2018

Christmas and New Years in Sitges 2018, 2019

Christmas in Sitges is a fun and festive affair. Although quiet by Summer standards, most of the gay bars are open, especially for the New Year celebrations.

Christmas Celebrations in Sitges!

If you have escaped to Sitges for the Christmas break be prepared for a more relaxed scene up until after the 26th.

New Year's Eve in Sitges

New Years Eve in Sitges 2016

L’Angle D’Adrianna will be preparing a very special meal for Sitges New Year’s celebrations. Pre drinks at Parrots Pub followed by dancing in Privilege!

Sitges Gay new years eve

New Years Eve Celebrations in Sitges

Sitges in New Years Eve is rather a relaxed affair with many people enjoying sumptuous meals. People hit the bars at 8pm and head for dinner at 9.30pm.

Christmas in Gay Sitges

Christmas & New Years in Sitges 2015

Sitges at Christmas is a chilled affair, but the bars and hotels that are open are warm and welcoming and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

Christmas and New Year in Sitges 2012.

Christmas in Sitges

And so another Christmas and New Year in Sitges comes to an End!

Christmas in Sitges

Last night the bars in town were busy with people from all over the world celebrating the arrival of 2013.

Christmas in Sitges

And remember, the next big party in Sitges is Carnival – its in February and its like no other party you’ve ever been to!

Christmas in Sitges

Check out the photos in the Gallery below.

Prinz Sitges – New Year’s Eve 2011

Prinz Sitges New Year's Eve

Saturday night and we made our way to Prinz Bar after a night of dining and entertainment at Zanzibar..

Prinz Sitges New Year's Eve

Prinz was full of locals and visitors and in fact this year we have seen more tourists for New Years Eve, than previous years.

Prinz Sitges New Year's Eve

Prinz is open from Thursday to Sunday during the Winter Season.

Prinz Sitges New Year's Eve

You can check out the photos of Prinz Bar on Gay Sitges Guide below.

An XXL New Year’s Eve in Sitges…

XXL Sitges New Year's Eve

XXL will be open for New Year’s Eve festivities on Saturday Night. So if you want to celebrate the start of 2012 in one of Sitges cruisy bars, then this is the place for you! Check out XXL’s full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

New Year’s Eve in Sitges – where to spend it!

Sitges New Year's Eve

If you are visiting Sitges for New Year’s Eve, you may go for the dinner route..or just party the night away. Either way, make sure you book early. SoCA, L’Angle at Parrots Restaurant and Ma Maison are offering special menu’s for New Year’s Eve. Check out the restaurants postings for more details.

Of course you may want to spend it drinking the night away. Have an early one at El Horno, enjoy Canapes at La Villa all night long, stop into one of Sitges longest running bars, Azul, or party the night away in Prinz, Queenz or El Candil.
Check out the bars section for full listing information.

SoCA Sitges – New Years Eve Menu 2011

New Year's Even 2011 SoCA Sitges

SoCA Sitges still has some limited tables available for their New Year’s Eve Party on Saturday Night. The menu sounds delicious and the price is great value when you consider its all inclusive….drinks included!

New Year's Even 2011 SoCA Sitges

For bookings, visit their official website here.