A Concert at Midnight?

Keeping up with its image of style and sophistication, Sitges hosts a series of concerts again this year, all themed with the anniversary of Santiago Rusinol in mind. The concerts are indeed spectacular, with many taking place by the marina. You can purchase tickets in Cap de la Villa every evening and they are reasonably priced, given the quality of each performance.

ConcertLiving, not far from where some of the concerts take place, I can attest to the quality of recent performances….. it is simply amazing opening your doors and sitting on the balcony to hear the amazing sounds drifting over the balmy Summer air.

So if you fancy something different…or less taxing than the constant clubbing, then a midnight concert may be just the ticket! Anyway, given that the party doesn't really start until 2am most nights, you can always head out a little later, still sure in the knowledge that your night has only just begun!

As always, remember to be smart and play safe!

Where: All over Sitges
Time: 11pm or 12pm, depending on Venue
Details: Sitges Tourism Site

Hot in Sitges

Well Boys!!!! It is hot in Sitges at the moment. We are in the middle of heatwave…and the temperatures are set to rise again tomorrow.

The beaches were packed this Sunday… so packed in fact, that the beach captains took over almost all of the public beach with the overpriced deckchairs… but it was better than sitting on the Sand.

Dsc02100 The usual hotties were out and about (view gallery)..but the straights were outnumbered at last… it only took the Hot weather to make that happen. However most of the pics we took show boys with girls, for some strange reason.

The straight boys were out in force on Friday night, the eve of Sant Joan and fireworks were going off until at least 5am in the morning…. despite the buckets of water being thrown over the balcony on to those below on the narrow streets.

012Of course, Barcelona, being typically Spanish can not make up when Gay Pride starts and finishes, so they decided to run it for a few weeks! Always guaranteed to generate a crowd, check out the website for the latest events. 

LoveballRemember, it is only 30 mins form Sitges. And don't forget The Love Ball…. we especially recommend the Pool Party (video) (site)  …if it is anything like the one we were at in Rio last year, then Spain is in for some HOT fun.

A boy's work is never done… so make sure you are safe and happy when you travel… always be prepared… because, in Sitges, you never know when fortune will smile upon you.

Just try and remember where your hotel room is boys!

Corpus Christi in Sitges

Dsc02872The town of Sitges celebrates Corpus Chisti every year with style! Sections of the major streets are closed to traffic for at least 24 hours.

Then intricate templates are drawn on the road. Neighbours from each street gather into the small hours plucking the petals off Carnation flowers. These petals are then placed on the patterns on the road.

The transformation is amazing. It has to be seen to be believed.I have uploaded an entire photo gallery to Flickr so you can see the before, during and after shots.

The kids get a great kick out of following the giants up the street. The usual mayhem ensues as there is a fight to grab that one last flower petal!

Sitges Fireworks

Fireworks1 The Fireworks I spoke of last week were indeed amazing. I have seen Firework Displays all over the world and whilst this one was small in size, it was spectarular for its sheer intimacy. We were all on the beach in San Sebastian and the fireworks were literally going off right over our heads. Unlike shows in Sydney and Washington where you are far from the action, these fireworks were right on top of us! Every single firework was set off to a musical score and the entire event was organised by one of the world's top fireworks artists, who also happens to live in Sitges.

The fireworks were centred around a barge that was floating a few hundred metres out to sea. Those lucky enough to have a boat of some sort (we did see some boys on a li-lo we must admit) had the best views.

The pre-show event was a little disappointing in that the seating area for the VIPs did tend to block off the view of the spectators who did not have a seat.

All in all, another great reason to look forward to the main festival, 'Fiesta Mayor' in August.

Bourbons – Sitges

Dsc02488 Well, Bourbon's website is finally up and running. After a 10 day marathon, the site is now live and full of the latest pics of Bourbons as well as a few older ones of Carnival and a gallery of very memorable parties.

For a great way to spend the evening in Sitges, be sure to pay them a visit.

Site: http://www.bourbonsbar.com
Where: San Bonaventura 13

Weather in Sitges

Dsc02098 The Weather in Sitges is quite unique. Even though it is 30mins from Barcelona, the fact that it is surrounded by mountains gives Sitges its very own micro-climate. So on days when it is pouring rain in Barcelona, clear blue skies and temperatures of 30 degrees (July/Aug) are the norm for Sitges.

However, do a search for the weather in Sitges on any of the large sites, such as Weather.com and you will come up with nothing… or nada! Better to try the local tourism site, who have a great 3 day forecast which is amazingly accurate.

Pyromusical display


Everyone will be heading to San Sebastian Beach for the Fireworks Extravaganza on Tuesday Night, June 13th 2006. The entire event is being co-ordinated as part of the Year of Santiago Rusinol

The fireworks display will be set to turn-of-the-century musical scores including works by Erik Satie, César Franck, Manuel de Falla, Enric Morera, Isaac Albéniz. Get there early to guarantee a good viewing spot. Sometimes, as the photo shows however, the further away you are the better your ultimate view.

Platja Sant Sebastià.
Date: 13/06/2006
Time: 10pm

Privilege – Ian and Raphael

Privilege, on Calle Bonaire, has reopened this year with a fresh new look. And there to serve you are Ian and Raphael. Lovely!