Parrots Celebrates 25 Years in Sitges…

Parrots, Sitges

Parrots is probably one of the most memorable bars for anyone who has been to Sitges. Ask anyone. They all know it. It is the place to watch the young and the georgeous wander by as you sip a beer, cocktail or cold glass of Cava, right after spending the day on the beach.

Parrots, Sitges

This year they are celebrating 25 years in Sitges and have Created a Special Cocktail, the Parrots 25 with Rum, Vodka, Mailbu, Tequila and a host of juices….. perfect!

You can find out more by visiting their full listing on GaySitgesGuide.

Looking for the perfect Guest House?

Gay Guest House Sitges

Villa Passion Tropical is a new addition to the Sitges Guest House Market.

Gay Guest House Sitges

Located a short car drive away from Sitges, in beautiful Olivella, Villa passion tropical is run by two great guys who will ensure that your stay is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Gay Guest House Sitges

Great attention to detail has been paid to every aspect of the guest house, from its stylish design to the beautiful grounds. The hot tub is great for unwinding in after a day at the beach or why not relax in the chill out area while you sip a cocktail and watch the sun set!

Gay Guest House Sitges

Rates start at EUR 95 per night and includes continental breakfast. Half/Full board options are also available. Check out their listing on Gay Sitges Guide’s Accommodation section for further details.

Sitges Dance Festival…on the beach

Sitges Dance Festival

The Sitges Dance Festival takes place on the 2nd of July, on the beach in Playa San Sebastian from 7.30pm. Its part of a larger international festival which is taking places in various venus throughout Barcelona. Check it out, some of the performers are local and are truly exceptional and San Sebastian is a lovely beach.

Why Come to Sitges?

Why Sitges

There are many reasons to come to Sitges… …… For a good time, for a holiday, to find love, to forget love…to rekindle love, or to remember it! Whatever your reason, our motto is just to be happy! This picture captures Sitges for us! It was taken yesterday and sent in by John…. a single 27 year old American who we're sure will have a happy time in Sitges….

Its yours to do with as you please… have fun and be happy!

Sitges…. attracts a wide and diverse mix

Sitges, Cute Guys

We’re often asked by people, what sort of guys go to Sitges. The answer is that its a complete cross section of ages, social backgrounds and races.

Sitges, Cute Guys

So we picked a wide range of Photos taken over the San Juan weeked to show you just who wide and varied the talent pool can be in Sitges.

Sitges, Cute Guys

Photos were taken in Bourbons, Trailer, Mediterraneo, Azul,Organic, Bears Bar, XXl and Oreks. We do promise to visit all of the bars, but there is only so much our livers can take in one week.

Sitges, Cute Guys

If you are out and we take your photo, be sure to ask for our “Photodesk Cards”, where you can find the URL of where your photos will be.

Sitges, Cute Guys

We met Canadians, English, Korean, Brazillian, French and lots and lots of Dutch boys last week, so hello to everyone viewing!

Sitges, Cute Guys

As always if you have a photo you want to send in of your trip to Sitges, just email us at

Sitges, Cute Guys

To find out what’s going on each day check out the day-by-day section on GaySitgesGuide’s main site.

Sitges, Cute Guys

To find out about each of the clubs, visit the Bars section.

Sitges, Cute Guys

Clubs are covered in the Clubs/Discos Section. Remember, Gay Beach Party kicks off once again on July 3rd.

Sitges, Cute Guys

Most of the bars in Sitges get busy during the Summer a little earlier, now around 11pm.

Sitges, Cute Guys

Things really hot up at around 12.30/1am with most of the Spanish boys hitting the bars at that time.

Sitges, Cute Guys

Then its a long night, as the discos kick open their doors at 2.30, but really getting busy from about 3.30am/4am.

Sitges, Cute Guys

There used to be a route people took around town to various bars and many locals still observe this tradition, but if you find a bar you really like, then stay there for a while and someone you know or would like to know will walk by!

Sitges, Cute Guys

So get practising those chat-up lines and take a visit to Sitges. You can’t say that your type isn’t here!

Sitges, Cute Guys

See you in the bars and clubs over the Summer and have a great holiday!

San Juan Week/Weekend – Galleries Updated

Gay Sitges Guide Galleries

After a very busy week and weekend, all of the galleries for the bars and clubs are now online. You can view them directly via the links below, or alternatively visit Gay Sitges Guide’s Photo Gallery Section. To download your photo, simply click on the photo you want and it will open in a new window. *Remember to disable your pop-up-blocker.

If you have your own photos you want to send in, just email them to

Foam, Leather, Lace and Underwear…

Foam Party, Sauna Sitges

You are spoilt for something to do tonight…. First off its the Foam Pary at Sauna Sitges, on Espalter from 6pm!

Leather Night, Bears Bar

Then its on to Bears Bar for the Leather/Dark Night… dress to impress..

Lady Diamond, Prinz

Then on to Prinz Bar to watch Lady Diamond and her boys perform!!!

Underwear Night, Man Bar

Finally, strip off to your underwear at Man Bar for their hot and steamy underwear night.

What more could you ask for. Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Day By Day Section for details on what to do and where to to it.

Gay Beach Party 2007 Schedule…

Gay Beach Party

Always keeping you up to date with reliable information, Gay Sitges Guide is pleased to bring you the 2007 Schedule for the Gay Beach Party

Gay Beach Party

For further information check out their website,
Its the best party in town… every Tuesday night and the “insatiable” party is set to be amazing!

Travel Advisory – Barcelona to Sitges…

Travel Update

Due to a rail accident, train services between Sitges and Barcelona have been severely disrupted and services are running slow or not at all at present. The bus is your best bet, especially if you are heading into Barcelona or the airport. They expect normal services to be resumed on Monday. Click here for a translated version of the story from 20Minutos.

Visit the Getting Here Section on Gay Sitges Guide for further details.

Sant Joan, Sat 23rd June…

Sant Joan

We’ve been getting lots of questions regarding what’s happening in Sitges for Sant Joan this weekend. There will be firecrackers and all sorts of mayhem in Plz Catalunya from 11pm. They also have a dance party there. The big celebrations take place in Barcelona. Most people have private parties and then go out to the clubs and bars afterwards!


And there will be no excuses for comming home earlier…. Special Videos, Chaupitos and a great atmosphere make Bourbons San Juan Party one not to be missed!