Sitges Ferrari Car Rental

Sitges Ferrari Car Rental

Congratulations to Pierre Creval from Lausanne who won our special Valentines Prize of Cristal.

This month’s prize is extra special. Imagine driving down Ribera in Sitges in a Ferrari, 599 Fiorano… (just think of the pulling power!).
Well we have one for 24 hours with thanks to our car hire partners ELS.

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Sitges Art Fair 2008

Sitges Art Fair

The annual Sitges art fair takes place on March 15th and 16th on Psg de La Ribera. Every year a marquee holds some of the most authentic and interesting art pieces, including paintings, suclpture and bronzes by well-know local artists. It is well worth a visit and offers something for all tastes.

Spanish PM Appers on Cover of Spain’s Top Gay Magazine.

Gay Spain Election

We normally don’t discuss Politics or Religion on this blog, however its very much the topic of discussion in Spain at the moment and this definitely deserves special mention. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero made his third appearance on the cover of the Spanish gay magazine Zero this month in advance of national elections on March 9, using the occasion to warn the conservative Partido Popular against rolling back LGBT rights:

“‘We will continue to make reforms to improve the conditions of all,” he said in an interview with the monthly gay magazine Zero, where he appeared on the cover for the third time since 2002. ‘We must facilitate the implementation of the rights that we have already approved: the right to adoption (for same-sex couples), of course, and the right to legally change sex,’ he said.

If the conservative opposition Popular Party of Mariano Rajoy wins the election, Zapetero vowed to prevent ‘a single step backwards’ in the policies of his government. ‘I will do whatever possible so that Mr. Rajoy does not withdraw the rights of any family,’ he said. Spain became only the third member of the European Union, after the Netherlands and Belgium, to allow same-sex marriages in July 2005 with a law that also legalised adoptions by gays and lesbians. The measure was heavily criticised by the Roman Catholic Church in Spain and a section of the Popular Party.

The PP has gone to the constitutional court to challenge the use of the word ‘marriage’ in the law, and has vowed if elected to withdraw the right of gays and lesbians to adopt. Homosexuality was legalised in Spain in 1979, four years after the death of dictator Francisco Franco whose regime shipped gays to institutions that some activists have likened to concentration camps. ‘We are the envy of other countries for what we have achieved (on gay rights), and we have the support of a lot of countries,’ said Zapatero.”

We wholeheartedly endorse his position and hope that Spain retains its liberal approach towards gay rights and equality.

Bar Comodin – Video Coverage

Check out this video coverage of a night out in Bar Comodin, one of the oldest and most famous bars in Sitges.

2 Major Events for Barcelona

Barcelona Events 2008

Here’s an update from our Barcelona Blog and for those of you who take in Barcelona and Sitges in the one trip. Loveball has confirmed its dates for 2008 from the 1st to the 7th of August.

And Matinee have also planned a major International Event, The Circuit Festival from the 4th to the 10th of August. They expect more than 30,000 gay visitors during that one week alone! View video coverage, photos and listing details by visiting Gay Barcelonna 4 U’s Events Section.

Barcelona 2008

So remember to book your apartments early as Barcelona is set to explode this August. Check out our range of apartments on for full details of beautiful designer apartments located in the heart of Gaixample.

Sitges Webcam

Sitges Webcam

Its one of our more popular features on the website and one that we get the most comments on. Its the Sitges Webcam. Offering you the ability to remotely control the view of the cam to see 8 different angles, it gives you an idea of what Sitges is like 365 days a year!

You can view the camera on Gay Sitges Guide, here.

Sitges Second Hand Market

Sitges Second Hand Market

Sitges Second Hand Market takes place for the first time this Sunday afternoon, 24th of Feb. It will be held at Plz Catalunya from 10am to 2pm.

Easter in Sitges

Easter in Sitges

Easter falls earlier than normal this year and as always it marks an upturn in visitor numbers to Sitges every year. have some special rates available for these dates, so if you have’t booked your room or apartment, then there’s still time.

Oh and expect a lot of Irish boys in Sitges, given that St. Patrick’s day falls on the 17th! You can check out our coverage of last year’s Easter Events on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Our Guest Blogger.

Guest Blogger Sitges

Today, we welcome Lady Diamond as a guest blogger for the day. Lady has spent the past week delving through the more than 8,000 carnival photos to bring you a collection of some of the best on her blog,

El Horny Spring Clean

El Horno

The nights seem to be that little bit busier this week… and we think it might have to do with the paint job in El Horno. Happy hour is moving from El Horno to XXL…. for the next few days. Why?

Well, El Horno is getting a complete paint job! Rom is ensuring the place still retains its unique character so don’t worry, its everything you expect and more. But XXL does have its attractions. Pay them a vist for happy hour from 5.30 to 7pm… who knows, you may even stay all night!