AFGAL Sitges attends Barcelona Pride 2011…

This weekend, AFGAL Sitges took part in the 3rd Official Barcelona Pride Parade. The main aim was to promote the upcoming Sitges Pride 2011 events.

Dark Sitges – Sexy and a little bit different!

Its hard not to stop and stare at Dark Sitges now…when you see their new flyer boys… David has certainly picked a winning combination for the bar..

Saturday night in Sitges – at Oreks, June 2011..

Saturday night and the streets and bars of Sitges were packed this weekend, with people looking forward to the forthcoming San Joan celebrations.

Drinks at Ruby’s Terrace – June in Sitges 2011.

Ruby’s Terrace and Cocktail bar has certainly drawn a large following, from both local clients and new visitors..The bar is open nightly from 7pm and is the perfect place to start your night… however you may not want to leave!

Cocktails at Mojito and Co, Sitges, Summer 2011.

Truth be told, we overindulged in cocktails this week ….But its hard to avoid being tempted by the delicious drinks, cool designer look and welcoming staff!

Energy Bears Sitges – New Summer Party

Energy Bears is bringing its international Circuit Party to Sitges. The event will take place every Saturday during the Summer Season at Pacha in Vallpineda. If you haven’t been to the newly reformed club, then this is the perfect excuse to pay a visit!

The Jungle Party, Sitges, June 2011!

The hot boys from the Jungle were out in force on Friday night in Sitges! Privilege transformed itself into a Jungle Oasis..along with their new staff who were in very hot outfits!

The Lady Diamond Show at Privilege, Sitges…

After her visit to Parrots in her new outfit, Lady Diamond decided she was going to give her new look a test-drive, so to speak…

A New Look for Lady at Parrots, Sitges.

Lady Diamond paid a visit to her other favorite Terrace on Wednesday.. sporting a brand new look!

XXL – Monday in Sitges..

XXL still remains one of the sexiest bars to visit when in Sitges…Their large dark room is always a hot attraction…and you never know how might pop in to say hello!