BRUT – London Comes to Sitges, August 2016

London’s hottest bear event came to Sitges for its second outing at Organic! The club was full of some of the hottest guys in town enjoying the pre-bear week welcome party!

Dinner with Diamonds – End of August 2017

Check out the very bust of Lady Diamond every Tuesday and Friday nights in Parrots Restaurant, a fun night out! Reservations essential.

Peace and Love Party at Parrots Pub

On what is traditionally the busiest night of the year in Sitges, the Peace And Love party kicked off in Parrots Pub and Terrace.

Kandy Nastie and Carlotta visit Sitges – August 2016

Carlotta and Candy Nastie made their annual visit to Sitges this August. They were stopping boys on the street all night and planning their escapades for later!

Dinner with Diamonds at Parrots Sitges

Check out Lady Diamond every Tuesday and Friday night in Parrots Restaurant for one of the must-do shows in town!

Privilege – Summer nights just get hotter in Sitges!

The weekends just got even busier now that the high Summer season is in full swing. Don’t miss parties every night in Privilege!

Fun at Mojito and Co, Sitges – July 2016

Check out Mojito and co for some of the best cocktails and of course their signature Mojito specials!