Santa Tecla Sitges

Sitges, Santa Tecla Fireworks 2017

The sky over Sitges came to life this weekend as the annual Santa Tecla Festival took place with a stunning firework display on the paseo.

Santa Tecla Fireworks 2016

The Santa Tecla Fireworks were spectacular this year. It is one of our favourite events and takes place each September.

Santa Tecla & Nit De Focs

Santa Tecla & Nit de Foc Sitges 2015

Santa Tecla is the town’s second big fiesta (after Fiesta Mayor) and celebrates another of the town’s patron saints.

Santa Tecla 2013 – What to expect?

Santa Tecla is one of Sitges most popular events. Although smaller than Fiesta Mayor, the event still has several large processions through the streets of Sitges.

Sitges goes out with a bang, Santa Tecla Fireworks in September..

Sitges said goodbye to September and the start of a more tranquil phase in town with the Santa Tecla Fireworks.

Nit de Focs – Night of Fire – Sitges 2010 – Video Coverage..

The “Nit de Focs” was one of those up-close-and-personal nights with the dragon and beasts of Sitges! Using the Paseo was definitely a good idea for this event as it really showed off just how crazy the fireworks can be.

Santa Tecla & Sitges Fireworks….

This week its the turn of Santa Tecla in Sitges. Yes, another festival and this one goes out with a bang! A spectacular fireworks display will take place on Wednesday night from 23.00hrs, right along the beach front.

Sitges Castellers – End of Santa Tecla

If you’ve never seen the Castellers of Human Towers in Sitges, then here’s a treat for you. Here they are performing outside the town hall for the closing ceremony of Santa Tecla last weekend.