Sitges, somewhere over the rainbow…

Sitges is just such a positive place to live in! The lifestyle, the weather, the people. You have to be here to truly experience all the town has to offer. Today it rained all day. Unusual for Sitges. And wow, were we treated to a spectacular sunset.

Sitges, sea view

The sun sets over the Dolce Hotel every evening, but on Wednesday an exceptional rainbow covered the town, the first one I’ve seen in Sitges in 12 months.

Sitges, sea view

The view from the Terramar hotel was even more spectacular. You could be anywhere in Spain as you watch the unusual palm trees sway in the evening breeze. If you are looking to have an evening cocktail then we highly recommend the front bar of the hotel. Here you can sip some spectacular concoctions while you watch the sun slip through the Mediterranean.

Just another day in Sitges and another reason to visit, any time of the year!