Zona X Sitges Logo

Zona X

Zona X is located in the old town of Sitges. It is a cruising/sex bar with regular theme nights and live stripper performances during the Summer season.

Prinz Bar Sitges Logo


Prinz is located in Sitges old town, close to Bar 7. The bar has a mixed clientele with special shows on during the Summer months featuring drag acts and strippers.

Bar 7 Sitges

Bar 7

Bar 7 is one of the longest running bars in Sitges and attracts a wide range of international visitors and locals. The bar is busy early and is located in the old town of Sitges.

La Locacola Deluxe

La Locacola Deluxe

La Locacola Sitges is a French bar located in the heart of the gay area in Sitges, on C.Bonaire. Its cosy atmosphere is great for making new friends.

Queenz Sitges Logo


Queenz bar is a busy modern venue which attracts people of all ages and a mixed clientele. Hosts regular theme nights and incorporates a drag restaurant next door.

El Horno Sitges Logo

El Horno

El Horno is one of Sitges oldest bars and is located in the centre of the Village. The bar is popular with older guys and locals who come from the happy hour specials before 7pm.

XXL Sitges Logo


XXL is a gay bar at the crossroads of Sitges two busiest gay areas, with a small dark room upstairs and a dance floor downstairs. The bar is most famous for the crowds that occupy the street in the front of the bar during the Summer months.

Dark Sitges Bar Logo

Dark Bar

Dark Sitges is located on the popular C.Bonaire, a busy street right in the middle of Sitges main gay district. The bar is popular with locals and guys looking to hook up and have fun in the dark rooms at the end of the bar.

Bar Comodin


A great show bar with Drag Shows every night during the Summer and at weekends during the Winter. Look out for the flyers on the beach to see what’s on.