Winter Sailing in Sitges

Winter Sailing in Sitges

One of the nice things about Sitges, is that no matter how low the temperature drops, it always seems to be warm by the beach… especially when the sun is shining.

Winter Sailing in Sitges

This week, the sun shone a lot… and the sea was awash with sailing boats practising for the next regata.

Winter Sailing in Sitges

We even saw the odd waverider close to the shore.. which is unusual. Normally these are only allowed out towards the sea or by the port area. He did some lovely water acrobatics!

Winter Sailing in Sitges

If you are in Sitges and have transport, then try and get to Las Botigues de Sitges… its about 10 minutes drive from the centre of town, but the sunsets are amazing and the sunrises are even more spectaular.

Winter Sailing in Sitges

Its especially popular with dog-walkers and guys out fishing in the early morning. Its unspoilt and offers uninterrupted views of the horizon so you can see the sun rise and set pefectly.

November Surfing in Sitges

Surfing in Sitges

Aiguadolc beach was treated to a hot Surfing display late yesterday evening when some Australian boys took on the waves of Sitges. The weather was a beautiful 23 degrees yesterday, but the water looked quite cold.

Still though the boys came out smiling, even if they were bemused at their photos being taken! And no they're not local… just here for a few days rest!

Surfing in Sitges = Lovely

Port Sitges/Aiguadolc often sees lots of Spanish boys surfing… but these boys were really good!

Surfer takes on the Waves at Sitges

Windsurfing, Para-Sailing and Jet-Skis can all be arranged via any of the operators by the port. [Official Port Website]

Sitges Surfing, Aiguadolc Beach

Smile, you're on camera!

Say cheese!