Sitges Wine Festival 2017

The annual Sitges Food and Wine Festival takes place on the weekend of the 8th of October

52nd annual Sitges Wine Festival – Festa de la Verema 2013

Sitges Wine Festival 2013

The 52nd annual Sitges Wine Festival and food fair takes place this weekend from the 11th to the 13th of October. The event also features the 7th Spaniosh wine exposition which takes place on the seafront. There, you can enjoy some great wines and fine gourmet food at special prices, all while soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

Highlights of the event include the annual crushing of the grapes competition, which is great fun to watch. The Wine and food village will open every day with a special opening Jazz night on Friday. Bon profit!

Sitges Wine and Food Festival 2011.

Sitges Wine Festival 2011

This weekend, Sitges celebrates the 50th Annual Wine Harvest Festival. The event, which has been expanded over the past 5 years, now includes a wine-tasting and gourmet food village on the Seafront. The event kicks off on Friday the 16th of August and finishes on Sunday with the “Wine Barrel Race” and the “Trashing of the Grapes”.

For further information check out the Fiesta de Verema page on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Sitges Wine Festival – Festa De La Verema 2010

Sitges Wine Festival

Sitges celebrates the wine harvest every year with a Wine and Food festival by the Sea. On the 18th and 19th of September, you will have the opportunity to try a selection of the very best wines available from the Penedes region.

There will also be a wine-trashing competition on the Sunday at La Fragata from 6pm and a gourmet food village along the seafront. Enjoy.

Sitges Wine Festival 2009 – Festival Celebrations

Wine Trashing Sitges

The Sitges wine festival concluded on Sunday with the trashing of the grapes. Check out the video before which shows a lighter side of the festival, where the winner of the beauty pageant gets to win her own weight in wine!

[youtube: 425 344]
Video Courtsey of Wirdheim in Vilanova

The wine festival takes place every September and is sponsored by Torres one of the most famous vineyards in Spain.

Sitges Wine Festival

There is also an international food fair with plenty of advice on what wine goes with what food!

Sitges Wine Festival

Produce ranges from delicious chocolates to local cheeses..

Sitges Wine Festival

Competition amongst the teams for the barrel rolling and grape trashing is fierce!

Sitges Wine Festival

The festival is now over 4 decades old and celebrates the culmination of the wine crop for each year.

Sitges Wine Festival

Sitges Harvest Festival 2010

Sitges Wine Festival

We mentioned earlier last week about the Sitges Wine Festival 2010. The event, which takes place over the weekend, features delicious gourmet food stalls right on the seafront on Saturday and Sunday along with the annual barrel run and trashing of the first grapes on the Sunday Afternoon.

Check out the Sitges Wine Festival Page on Gay Sitges Guide here for further information.

Sitges Wine Festival – Trashing of the Grapes Sunday 14th Sept

Wine Festival

Don’t forget, on Sunday Evening the annual trashing of the grapes takes place right in front of the church in Sitges. Watch as teams from the various wineries take eachother on to become the first to press all of their grapes!!! Check Gay Sitges Guide’s Events Section for more information.

Sitges Wine Festival 2008

Sitges Wine Festival 2008

For the 13th and 14th of September, the 47th Sitges Wine Festival takes place on Psg de la Ribera. But this is not just about wine. There will be gourmet food stalls selling everything from honey, pils, marmalades, chees and breads.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to taste Sitges Malvasian Wine, or “Malvasia de Sitges”.

Wines will be available for tasting from 12pm to 3pm and from 6pm to 10pm. You can try out a gourmet place and 2 wine tatsings for EUR 4… push the boat out and for EUR 6 you can try 4 tastings and a gourmet place. With over 14 different wineries taking part from across the region, there will be something for every palatte.

Learn More about the festival by visiting the events section of Gay Sitges Guide here.

Festa De La Verema

A Sitges Boy competing in the annual wine trashing event

The Festa De La Verema was indeed an unusual event. From blessing the wine to screaming in anticipation at a good trashing… it was everything a Sitges festival should be…
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