Bears Week 2018 – Privilege – Sunday

Fun on Sunday in Privilege during the Sitges Bears Week with hot guys from around the world ready to party!

Privilege Sitges

Bears Week Sitges – Opening Weekend – Privilege & The Streets

Fun in Privilege and on the streets of Sitges during the opening of Bear Week in Sitges – Every September with a busy town full of bears and admirers.

Pants off Thursdays at Privilege!

Join Lady Diamond every Thursday night at Privilege for the Pants on Pants off show by Addicted!

Privilege Sitges

Privilege Summer 2017

Summer nights in Sitges and the heat is on as Privilege celebrates their endless nights of Summer fun!

Delice Dream – Weekend fun in Privilege, 2017.

The party continues for Delice Dream and Privilege into a very hot weekend in Sitges!

Delice Dream 2017- Opening Night – Privilege

The Delice Dream Gay Spring Break in Sitges continued each night in Privilege!

Privilege 2016 – Pants off!

Every Thursday during Summer 2016, Lady Diamond in association with ADDICTED hosted “Pants on Pants off”!

Privilege 2016 – Summer Fun!

Summer never ends in Privilege in 2016 as the redesigned bar continues to pack them in!

Privilege 2016 – End of July

Hot Summer Nights in Sitges at Privilege, where every day is like a Saturday, full full!

Privilege 2016 – July Fun!

The party is in full swing every night in Privilege with theme parties, great music and special drink prices!