Gay Bars in Sitges 2024

The Gay bars in Sitges are all located in the centre of the Village and are easy to get to. Most are centred around Plz Industria, Calle Joan Tarrida and Calle Bonaire.

23 Gay Bars in Sitges

Gay Bars Sitges – Fast Facts!

Sitges bars get busy after a day at the beach from 5pm. Terraces fill up. Then before dinner drinks at 8.30pm. By 12 all the bars are full during the Summer. Check out the beach flyers during the day for the parties that night! Clubs get busy from 3am.

Sitges Gay Bars Season

Sitges gay bar scene is busy all year round. The main season is from May to end of September. Most of the bars open from the start of Spring (March 20th) at weekends. As Easter arrives the bars open daily as do the discos and clubs. Off season Sitges is still well worth a visit  with bars in the centre open from Thursdays  to Sundays.

Check out our “Having fun in Sitges” article for more.

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Sitges is quite compact. You can walk from one end of the village to the other in less than 10 minutes. Most of the bars are located between Plz Industria and C.Boniare with C.Joan Tarrida joining both areas. Here you will find famous terraces such as Parrots, cruise bars such as Bukkake and dance bars such as Privilege.

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Sitges Gay Bars we recommend

The following bars are recommended based on their service, locations and atmosphere. Enjoy.

Soho Sitges

B*tch Bar (formerly Soho Bar)

Soho Bar is Sitges new gay bar located right on the busiest gay street in Town, Calle Bonaire.
Parrots Pub and Terrace

Parrots Pub

Parrots bar is located in the centre of Sitges and is the perfect place to watch the world go by, open every day from 8.30am until late at night.
Privilege Sitges


Privilege is one of the most popular Summer Bars in Sitges. With a large dance floor and 3 bars it attracts the bold and the beautiful. Expect a packed dancefloor and busy bar from 12am onwards.
Bears Bar Sitges

Bears Bar

Centrally-located at Calle Bonaire 17, Bears' Bar is open all year round on Fridays and Saturdays. During Carnival Week, Easter and in summer the bar is open all week from 22.00 until 03.00.
Bunker Sitges


Bunker Sitges is one of the newest bars in Sitges. Its a large sex/cruise club with slings, mazes, Dj, bar and more. For those looking to hook up and have fun!
Runway Terrace Bar

Runway Terrace Bar

Runway (formerly Carousel), located in the heart of Sitges (C.Joan Tarrida/Plz Industria) offers delicious cocktails and the best street views in Sitges.
Amb Gust Sitges

Amb Gust

Amb Gust Sitges is located in the heart of Sitges gay street on C.Bonaire. The bar is beautifully decorated with an expansive outdoor terrace. The atmosphere is cool and relaxed.
La Villa Sitges Logo

La Villa

A delightful addition to the Sitges Bar Scene located in the heart of the gay village. Style and sophistication combine with a warm welcoming atmosphere.
Central Cafe Bar Sitges

Central Cafe Bar

Central Bar Cafe Sitges is located in the heart of Sitges gay district on Plz Industria and is the perfect place to watch the world go by with a coffee, cocktail or a cake or two!
Bukkake Sitges Logo


Bukkae is one of Sitges busiest and cruiseiest bars and has a large cruising area, sling, showers and lockers.

Map of Gay Bars in Sitges

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A night out in Sitges

When to go out, where to start…and where to finish. Our guide to having fun on a gay night out in Sitges.

Bar hopping in Sitges

Sitges likes to party hard…so make sure you have your siesta in between the beach and going out for dinner and dessert!

Sitges offers a wide and varying scene when it comes to bars and clubs. According to some people there is a circuit, where you do a certain bar first and then move on. But to be honest, if you find a bar that you like, then stick with it until the circuit comes to you…. it saves you having to go from bar to bar in the heat trying to catch up.

Parrots pub is normally the first stop of the day on your way back from the beach or before you head out to dinner . Being on the main thoroughfare (Mont Roig, The Street of Cafes), it is the perfect place to watch the world go by, especially the straight and gay boys coming of the beach in their trunks and towels.

Why not take a seat at one of the many outside tables at both the terrace and the pub where you can sip your cocktails, beer or sangria as you take a break from sunbathing. The parrots boys are always on hand to take your order. For a more mixed vibe, check out Central bar right across from Parrots Pub.

Parrots is also the starting point for many on their nights of clubbing and debauchery! As daylight turns to dusk the streets get busy once more and the bar takes on a new atmosphere as boys go on the hunt for their next hot date. The intimate tables make it easy to strike-up a conversation with a stranger and with a clientele from around the world you have a host of nationalities from which to choose!

Most of the music bars get busy from 11pm onward. Soho and Queenz fill up first. Privilege tend to get busier around 1.00ish.

Since 2020 the old town bars have all closed including Comodin, Prinz and Bar 7

The scene is quite mixed in terms of age and types… It is quite normal to go to a bar and to see an 80 year old at one end of the bar and an 18 year old at the other.

Many of the bars will offer you a Chupito, or a free shot. Its a thank-you for being a good customer! It is considered rude to refuse.

Being Sitges, cruising goes on in most of the bars. Those with a dark room are obviously that bit cruiser, with Bukkake and XXL all offering hot men who are up for action. And for those who love Bears, visit Bears Bar, on C.Bonaire.

Many of the bars put on shows during certain nights of the week. Watch out for the beach flyers during the day to find out what’s on that night. The usual fare of hot strippers strutting their stuff is to be expected along with some fabulous drag shows!

When you finish at the bars, (normally around 3am or so) head for one of the late discos. Organic is more Euro-pop with some theme nights. Ricky’s is a hetro club but is very gay-friendly.

  • Location Location

    Most of the gay bars are located in the centre of town between Pls Industria, C.Joan Tarrida and C.Bonaire

  • Opening Hours

    Terrace bars get busy after the beach and after dinner. (post 10.30pm). Bars fill up from 12. Clubs open at 2.30am but get busy by 3am.

  • Safety

    Sitges is generally a safe place, however beware of pickpockets targeting iPhones. Also beware of offers for drugs and friendly boys patting you down on the beach. Leave your valuables at home if you go cruising. Stay safe and have fun.

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Other Gay Bars

The following bars are located across Sitges. Check them out after you have visited our recommended places.

Queenz Sitges Logo


Queenz bar is a busy modern venue which attracts people of all ages and a mixed clientele. Hosts regular theme nights and incorporates a drag restaurant next door.
El Horno Sitges Logo

El Horno

El Horno is one of Sitges oldest bars and is located in the centre of the Village. The bar is popular with older guys and locals who come from the happy hour specials before 7pm.
XXL Sitges Logo


XXL is a gay bar at the crossroads of Sitges two busiest gay areas, with a small dark room upstairs and a dance floor downstairs. The bar is most famous for the crowds that occupy the street in the front of the bar during the Summer months.

Recommended Hotels in Sitges

Most of the hotels in Sitges are in the centre of the Village. The best options are on the seafront offering beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

Dolce Sitges
5 Star Luxury

Hotel Dolce Sitges

Located a 10 minute taxi drive from the centre of town, this is the only 5 star hotel in Sitges and one of the best!

Hotel MiM, 4 Star
Stylish & Sophisticated

Hotel Mim Sitges

New, 4 star hotel in the heart of Sitges with beautiful rooms, a skybar with pool and stunning day spa for relaxing!

Hotel Medium, 3 Star
Great Pool & Location

Hotel Medium Sitges

The Hotel Medium is located in the heart of Sitges just seconds from the centre of town with a great pool.

Hotel ME, 4 Star
Deluxe & Luxury Option

Hotel ME Terramar Sitges

The Hotel ME Terramar Sitges is one of the finest hotels in Sitges with its own beach club and large rooms.

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