The last September days in Sitges….

Sitges in September

The fine weather returned on Sunday and with it some of the hottest boys we’ve seen in Sitges.

Sitges in September

Don’t let anyone tell you that Sitges is a one season town. Whilst in October Sitges takes on a more relaxed and intimate ambiance, bars such as El Horno, Oreks, B-Side, LocaCola, Privilege and Azul are always busy.

Sitges in September

Last year we had one of the mildest Autum season’s on record and had some specacular Summer-like weather. Fingers crossed for this season.

Sitges in September

Gay Sitges Guide will keep you up to date with the Bars new opening times and theme nights. Many are still going to be open during the weekend and for long weekends and festivals.

Lady Diamond Season Finale!

Lady Diamond Season Finale

Tonight, Sunday at 1.30 will see Lady give her final performance of the Summer Season. Its set to be a grand finale… lots of cock, song, cock, song etc…..
The event takes place at Prinz on C.Nou.

Sitges Film Festival – Oct 4th to 11th.

Sitges Film Festival

The Sitges International Film Festival takes place next weekend. The festival revolves around the Hotel Melia and is more of an industry event than a tourist one, however if Sci-Fi and Horror movies are your thing, then there are some great movies being premiered this year. Check out the official website where you can purchase advance tickets. As always Gay Sitges Guide will let you know if any cute actors are to be in attendance!

Santa Tecla Fireworks

It can be difficult to video Fireworks, but Esteban seems to have captured some of the best moments of the recent fireworks during the Santa Tecla festival. This just gives you a falvour of what to expect if you attend any of Sitges major festivals.

HeatGay Barcelona 2007

Gay Barcelona Heat Film Festival

HEATGAY is the Barcelona International Festival of Gay Erotic Cinema and takes place in Barcelona from the 3rd to the 7th of October. Last year Sitges was treated to a visit from the Bel Ami Boys!

Gay Barcelona Heat Film Festival

Watch out for some well know stars visiting Sitges next week before the event kicks off in Barcelona. For full details visit the official website. Tickets start at EUR 20. This show is anything but tame..You have been warned!

Why we love Sitges…

Sitges Bands

One of the reasons we love Sitges so much is that you never know what to expect from day to day. There’s always a festival, event or activity that you will come accross somewhere. Yesterday Sitges was treated to the sounds of Los Teoporos…. a fantastic brass band.

Sitges Bands

The band are touring around Barcelona at the moment. They are made up of the medical students of a college in Bordeaux and their sound is truly unique! They played first on San Sebastian beach before heading into the town square where people danced on the steets to some of the most upbeat sounds we’ve heard all Summer. Visit Sitges… you’ll never know what you might discover!

Balmins to benefit from EUR 6 Million Promenade

Balmins Beach

Any of you who have been to Sitges and visited the popular mixed-nudist-beach at Balmins will know that its not the easiest beach to find. Although its only about 10 minutes walk from the centre of town, there are a number of detours involved.

Balmins Beach

That is all set to change over the next year as the council embark on a EUR 6 million plan to develop a promenade leading all the way to Balmins and beyond, making access to this part of the town and the port further on, that much easier.

And for those of you visiting this week, the beaches were busy again this Monday! Check out the beaches section on Gay Sitges Guide for full details of all the beaches in Sitges.

Santa Tecla – Galleries 2007

Santa Tecla 2007

The Santa Tecla Festival finished today with an amazing parade through the old town. The fireworks on Saturday night were spectacular and we will have those photos for you shortly.

Santa Tecla 2007

Santa Tecla is the second biggest event in Sitges after Fiesta Mayor and the parades are a central part of the celebrations.

Santa Tecla 2007

This is the guy that you should run from if you come accross him in the street! He spits fire so wear a hat if you intend to follow him around… a huge tradition with the local Spanish kids.

You can find out more about the events taking place in Sitges by visiting Gay Sitges Guide’s Events section. The parade gallery can be seen here.

Menjar De Tast – Catalan Food Festival

Menjar De Tast

If you are a bit of a food buff and are in Sitges next weekend, then consider taking a table at the “Menjar De Tast”… an open-air dining extravaganza featuring places from 20 of Sitges Catalan restaurants. It costs EUR 30. Catalan food is delicious and this is a great way to experience a wide ranging menu!

Check out the events page for further details.

Santa Tecla – Parade Route

Santa Tecla, Sitges

Make sure you check out the Santa Tecla Parade this Saturday. It starts at 7pm approx and takes in Bonaire, Joan Tarrida, plaça Indústria, Marquès de Mont-Roig, Parellades, plaça Espanya, Espalter, Sant Josep, Sant Bonaventura, Sant Francesc, Cap de la Vila, Major, plaça de l’Ajuntament i Baluard.

Santa Tecla, Sitges

Then head for the beach where the fireworks parade begins at 11pm. Then its off to the bars and clubs from one of the biggest nights of September. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the bears.

Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s events section for details on upcomming events over the next few months.