Bears Week – May Edition – Are you still visiting?

While the May Edition is technically “cancelled” many visitors are still planning to visit Sitges when it is safe to do so.

Bears Sitges Events 2021

Bears Week Sitges 2021 events confirmed

With many people choosing not to travel or unable to travel to Sitges for the September bear events, we have some good news.

Sitges reopens

Sitges returns to “New Normal” from de-escalation

Sitges reopens into a “new normal” as we enter phase 1 of 4 phases, set to end by the end of June!

BBQ POPAIR Bears Week Sitges 2019

Bears Week – POPAIR Bbq Sitges

Popair returns to Sitges for the annual Bears Wwek BBQ on Friday May 3rd from 1pm to 2am for an all day sausagefest!

Bears Week Sitges 2019

Bears Week Sitges – Aftermovie 2018

Highlights from Bears Week Sitges 2018 – the Aftermovie featuring the best moments in the bars and on the beaches of Sitges during Europe’s No 1 bear event.

Bears Week May Edition 2019

Bears Week Sitges – May Edition 2019 – Dates Confirmed

Bears Week May Edition will take place later than usual in 2019 – From April 30th to May 5th! A full week long series of parties and fun.

Sitges Bears Week 2019

Bears Week Sitges 2019 – September 1, 11 – Dates Confirmed

Bears Week Sitges 2019 returns in September for 12 days of parties from September 1st to September 11th!

Gay Beach Party

Bears Week Sitges – 10 of our favourite moments!

The Bear galleries from Sitges Bears Week 2019! See you at the next bear event in May 2019!

Bears Week Sitges 2018 – Popair

Fun on Wednesday at the Popair party in Le Patio during the Sitges Bears Week with hot guys from around the world ready to party!

Bears Week Sitges 2018 – White Night – Village

Fun on Tuesday in the bear village during the Sitges Bears Week with hot guys from around the world ready to party!