Different Town… different Weather… same day.

Vilanova, Sitges

Vilanova is only a 15 minute drive away from Sitges, but sometimes its weather can be completely different. Sitges really is blessed with a climate all of its own. The clouds and the sunlight on the evening of Dec 1st made for some spectacular shots! Most were taken using a long-exposure with a Canon SLR.

Vilanova, Sitges

The beaches were empty…

Vilanova, Sitges

The night sky was amazing…

Vilanova, Sitges

Just like Sitges…. they love dogs here too!

Vilanova, Sitges

As the night progressed.. the sea got quite rough..

Vilanova, Sitges

Don't worry, these boys aren't up to anything… they were fishing… but boy did it look cold!

World Aids Day – A day to Remember!

World Aids Day

Today is World's Aids Day…show your support in whatever way you can! Remember the Benefit night in Prinz tonight at 11pm. Funds Raised go to Gais Positius.

Sitghts of Barcelona – Near and Far

Barcelona is an amazing city. Every now and then it helps to get out back into the city and explore the sights of this amazing Catalan capital. It is simply breathtaking… and so close to Sitges you would be mad not to spend a day there! Or two!

Ramblas Street Performers

Definitely not on a Meditterranean Diet!

Ramblas Street Performers

A prince for a princess?

Ramblas Street Performers

Table Service in Barcelona!

Ramblas Street Performers

Golden Cowboy… such effort!

The Ramblas is a must… and don't forget to tip these hardworking entertainers if you wan't to take a photo its how they make a living.

For something completely different you might want to try Tibidabo Amusement Park a funfair/resort located at Barcelona highest point and more than 100 years old!


This rollercoaster may not be as modern and “twisty” as the more modern Port Aventura… but the view more than make's up for it.

Tibidabo Resort

The beautiful Meditterranean facing the city of Barcelona and the Maprfe Building and Hotel Arts Ritz.. a little bit too high-rise, but still spectacular.


What more can we say… how can you not pay a visit to Barcelona on your next trip to Sitges!

Dog Meat Disco – Privilege – This Saturday 2nd December

Dog Meat Disco, Sitges, Privilege, 2006/2007

Who can forget the Dog Meat Disco during the closing night of Privilege this summer. It was a sight to see! And now its back. The first party will be this Saturday, 2nd December and then the 1st Saturday of every month.

Dog Meat Disco, Sitges, Privilege, 2006/2007

Some pics from the final night of Dog Meat Disco during the Summer. Lots of hot boys will be there this Saturday night so don't miss it!

Dog Meat Disco, Sitges, Privilege, 2006/2007

According to Glenn, the promoter, the music will take a trip back in time, boogie on down to some classic 70's Disco mixed with the best bits of Glam Rock, Punk, New Romantic, Indie, Electro Clash and Country…. Courteousy of the gorgeous Jon Wedge

Saturday night sees a special apperance live from BCN, Uber Group L.U.V.E. – La Ultra Violeta Experience, check out their web site.

There are logs of things planned for the event over the comming months. Become a member of Dog Meat Disco and it will give you special privileges at future parties in 2007 – Membership is free and will be available on the night.

Operacion Truinfo – Spain’s hottest reality show!

Operacion Truinfo

Operacion Truinfo is one sort of like X Factor in the UK and US… Its a reality pop tv contenst, but the boys are much cuter than in the UK version… they can also sing which makes a big difference! This boy, Jose Antonio lives just down the road from Sitges in Vilacadens, is 29 and lives at home. Currently looking for work he entered the show for fun… and he has been a great performer… but for some reason the public keep on nominating him. Hes been saved before so we have everything crossed that he will last this time too… you can see why we thingk so!

Operacion Truinfo

Enough said! Watch last nights show on the TV5 Site.

Rickys – Gay Night – This Friday Night


Guys, a quick reminder that Ricky's disco is having a gay night this Friday. The disco is normally busy anyway, but it adds another place to go for locals and visitors alike! Check it out. Its on after the Prinz Benefit, so you have no excuse to party all night!

World Aids Day Benefit – Prinz – Dec 1st 2006

Prinz Sitges

No sooner had we just re-launched our Events section with an Interactive Calendar for 2007, then a load of events pop-up for this weekend! This Friday is World Aids Day and Prinz is holding a special benefit night where proceeds will go to Gais Positius, the local Gay Charity in Barcelona. It promises to be a night of fab fun and even more fabulous boys as the strip show gets even hotter than ever!

Prinz Sitges

So head down to Prinz on Friday night… and afterwards head on to Ricky's first Gay Night! Say hello when you see us….Your spoiled for choice. Anyone who tells you Sitges isn't fun in the winter just doesn't know how to have a good time!

Send our special ecard to your friends to let them know its on!

Your perfect home in Sitges

Easy Sitges

If you're looking for the perfect second home in Sitges, then don't forget to pay a visit to EasySitges.com. Located on San Francisco, Nicky and her team are ready to make your dream come true!

Property Sitges

One of our favourite properties is on their books! Its in Levantina, in Sitges and has been featured on TV, in designer magazines and in ads for some world famous brands.

A Home in Sitges

All this for just € 2,600,000. Well, nothing good in life comes for free but hey, this house is well worth it for the views alone.

Easy Sitges

Check out EasySitges.com for further details.

The perfect present for your pooch!

Perro Total - Sitges

Anyone who has ever been to Sitges will know that we are a town of dog-lovers! Tucked at the bottom corner of Santiago Rusinol, on San Damian is a beautiful store called Perro Total, dedicated to everything your dog might need.

Fashion Clothes for Dogs

From trendy jump-suits, to the complete wedding outfit, you can dress your dog up in designer gear!

Dogs on the Streets of Sitges

The store can also ensure that you have the most coiffed doggie in Sitges with a range of treatments available. And if you're dog isn't with you, then no problem… you can bring them back an extra special treat to let them know that you were thinking of them while you were away…ahhh!

Perro Total Fashion for Dogs

Perro Total has to be visited, just to see the selection and range of items available for your lovable friend. Don't be shy, pop-in and say hello next time you're in Sitges.

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