The Gay Beach Party – Hot Strip Show..

Tuesday nights show at the Gay Beach Party was hot! The stripper certainly gave us something to remember the night!

Trailer Foam Party – Last weekend in August.

As the end of August draws to a close it was off to Trailer to check out the VIP’s second visit to the club. The party is possibly one of the cruisiest places in town (apart from the Forest)…

The last weekend in August – Privilege Sitges…

Its been a busy Summer with some crazy parties, events and people visiting the town. Privilege has been host to some of the hottest guys visiting this Season.

Pink, Plastic, Fantastic – The Ken & Barbie Party at GBP

Tuesday night and there was a sea of pink outfits in L’Atlantida. The theme for this party..”Pink, Plastic, Fantastic”

Trailer Foam Party – August VIP’s

Sunday night is possibly one of the hottest nights of the week now in Sitges. This is all thanks to the new management at Trailer who have brought some fresh energy to the event!

Privilege Sitges, hot guys and great music…

Privilege continues to pull the hot young crowd eager to dance the night away.. With a combination of strip shows, theme nights and parties, together with great music, the bar is on to a winning formula.

Ruby’s Terrace, Sitges – Pre Foam Party….

Sunday night and Ruby and her sisters were preparing to head to Trailer’s Sunday night foam party. Yes, the girls were dressed to kill..and no one was safe!

Bears Bar Sitges – August 2011

August in Sitges and the town is hot… and full of Hairy guys and their admirers.. Bears bar has always been one of the most popular venues for hooking up with Bears, chasers and admirers!

Prinz in August – hot look, hot guys…

A visit to Sitges would not be complete without a trip to Prinz.The bar, located in the old town, is open every night from 22.30hrs.

Dark Sitges – Underwear nights…

Check out Dark Sitges Underwear Night every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night! We can’t really go in and photo the action..but let’s just say you will not be disappointed…