New Years Eve 2007

Happy 2007

Ok, we are wishing you a Happy 2007 a little early as we just know its going to be a very late night and the first day of 2007 will probably start very late for all of us.

So, if you are visiting Sitges be sure to say hello. We're starting the night off at a little casino soiree which is now booked out so sorry boys. But we will be sure to see you in Privilege, Prinz, B-Side, Oreks and ultimately Organic. Who knows, Ricky's and Trailer might also get a visit!

Other bars open include, El Piano, Bar Seven, XXL, El Horno and La LocaCola.

Check out the New Year's Eve site for full details of what's on where!

Further Reading

New Years Eve in Barcelona, Sitges, Tradition of the 12 Grapes and More

New Years Eve – Weekend in Sitges – Celbrating Early

A night out in Sitges

It appears that you can't walk down the streets of Sitges nowadays without someone wanting you to take their photo! :-) But we don't mind when they are as cute as these guys from the UK.

On the Streets of Sitges

C.Bonaire was busy last night with these guys from Manchester planning an all-nighter!

Ricky's NightClub Sitges

Ricky's on Friday nights is Gay Night.. but you never really can tell as its quite a mixed bar. But they were definitely celebrating New Year's Eve early last night!

Sitges night out - Dancing in Ricky's

Dancing the night away… Sitges style…

Rickys, Sitges

Pedro from Barcelona who was positively glowing… mmm..

Dancing in Ricky's Sitges

Looking sultry… we thought they made a lovely couple.. but they were only “just-friends”.

Ricky's Disco Sitges

The glasses, the look, the earing, the hair…its the Spanish look. How he sees in a night-club we don't know, but he looks good!

Ricky's is open Tues to Sundays from 12am to 6am.

A great way to start the weekend.. Drag Show Bingo

Monroes Sitges

Monroes restaurant has already become a Sitges Institution. With excellent service from the lovely Pablo and Ben together with a wide ranging menu, all superbly priced, we are sure your first visit will not be your last. Mix with regular locals and visitors alike as you dine in comfort with Marilyn keeping a close eye on you.

Friday night is Drag Show Bingo Night so be sure to book early. Starts at 8.30pm, great fun and fab prizes. Call 93 894 1612.

Ouch – Beware! – Día de los Inocentes

Día de los Inocentes

Formerly known as the Festival of the Crazy, this day is much like April Fool's Day… so beware. Don't believe what your are told!

May we Suggest – What to Drink for New Year’s Eve…

Spanish Cava

If you are spending New Year's Even in Spain and are planning on a glass of bubbly to see in the new year, then may we offer some advice? Cava, cava, cava! Yes, those of you familiar with traveling to Catalunya will know Cava well. Cheaper than its pretensious French sister and far less self-effected than its Californian cousins, Cava is one of the most versitile of Wines and has been produced in the Penedès region since the Greeks settled here in antiquity.

Bottles start at EUR 1.50, but we recommend, Segura Viudas' Reserva Heredad, which is sold in a bottle with a highly decorative metal ring around the bottom of the bottle and a metal crest on the side. Cava should be served very cold to really enjoy it. Serve in chilled flute champagne glasses so that the bubbles last longer, since they must travel farther before they break the surface. Place the glasses in the freezer for at least a half-hour before you will use them. Chilled glasses help to keep the cava cold.

Spanish Cava

Of course you could always wait until later on in the night and pour yourself a galss of Tequila or two… or even a whole bottle full… It is the New Year after all. Just ask these boys celebrating a birthday in Trailer last August when 2 bottles were consumed. Ouch!

Light up your New Year’s Eve


The building is equipped with an innovative system of illuminations which will provide an original show of light and music to accompany the chimes.


Sparklers and fireworks are set-off right in front of you without warning.

Catalan New Years Eve Celebrations

The crowds are large, but it is a very well-behaved event. The police are even on hand to help you drink your Cava. (Plastic Glasses of course).

Catalan New Years Eve Celebrations

Don't forget your twelve grapes….. read all about the tradition.

And see you back in Sitges later on!

Party 2007 – New Year’s Parties in Sitges.

New Years Eve, Sitges, Organic

You take one day off.. and what do you return to… an inbox full of questions. It appears that you boys have been busy getting presents of laptops and broadband connections. The most common question. What to do for New Year's Eve? There seems to be a lot of you comming to visit us over the next few days. Most notably from France and the UK.

The Casion Royale night is sold out but is taking names for its reserve list. Prinz is having a New Year's Eve party with special presents… but get there early as we expect it to be a busy night. Orek's and B-Side will be busy as always. And Johanna is hosting an alternative New Year's Eve party in Privilege.

New Years Eve, Sitges, Organic

Most people will probably end up in Organic at the end of the night… but remember it won't get busy until 3am at the earliest.

Visit the New Year's Eve Section for further details.

Something Different – Pastorets


The Catalans really do have their own take on Christmas.

Yes, they do the same things as everywhere else, Christmas Trees, lights and presents. But there's also the hugely popular craze of Els Pastorets. Think Cludo-like mystery play, except they concentrate on the story of the nativity, and run in theatres and local community centres all over the city in December and January. This is Catalunya though, so they're not your standard primary-school- show-complete-with-video- wielding-parent. More like a cross between panto and religious tableaux, there can be fireworks, horned devils and winged angels flying from the ceiling. Not to be missed.

There are several on in Barcelona, but we recommend the Pastorets De Ribes which is held in San Pere De Ribes, just a few minutes drive from Sitges

Happy Christmas from

Happy Christmas from would like to thank all of our readers for your support throughout the year. We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2007.

Have a great Christmas.

Sitges – The Best of 2006

Best of  Gay Sitges Guide 2006 in Photos

Well, its that time of year again… looking back on the year that's past and looking forward to the year to come. Hopefully yours has been a good one. When looking back we realised that we have now been in Sitges for nearly 9 months. Added to that we have taken over 12,000 photographs of boys, beaches, parties and more.

So we spent the past few days selecting some of our favourites. They were chosen more for their representation of Sitges more than for anything else. You can view them here in our special section dedicated to Sitges 2006.

Yes there are lots of cute boys.. but there are lots of cute boys in Sitges… so that's not hard to understand. This will be the first in a series of special galleries showing the best of Sitges events. All of our photos will continue to show up in our galleries, but the best ones will be featured each month in a special section like this.
Best of  Gay Sitges Guide 2006 in Photos