Third Annual Beach Tennis Championships

The third annual Beach Tennis Championships of Catalunya takes place Saturday and Sunday the 16th and 17th of October.

Surf’s up in Sitges…

The weather over the past few days in Sitges has been amazing. Mild, sunny and at times quite breezy…. but we don’t mind the breeze when it attracts the surfers!

Beach Tennis Masters 2010 Sitges.

The third annual beach tennis masters takes place this October at La Fragata Beach in Sitges on the 17th ant 18th. This event was extremely popular last year! The event takes place from 10am until late in the evening.

Beachside Basektball 3×3 – Sitges August 2010.

The annual 3×3 Beach Basketball competition takes place at La Frataga in Sitges on the 14th and 15th of August. These guys really know how to play and the competition is fierce. The event is free to watch and kicks off early in the morning and lasts all day. Its a marathon event.

One Successful Gay Pride Sitges & One World Cup!

To say that the atmosphere in Sitges on Sunday night was “electric” would be an understatement.

Saturday Morning – Beach Volleyball at Gay Pride Sitges

A huge thank you to the Panteres Grogues who in addition to hosting the Beach Volleyball competitions on Saturday morning, also worked as marshals during the Pride parade.

Pride UPDATE – Sunday Gay Village in Sitges Open ’till 2am

Congratulations to Spain last night on their Victory over Germany. As the final takes place in the middle of Sitges Pride on Sunday, the Entire Pride Stage will give way to a huge screen that will broadcast the match from the seafront!

Sporty boys – We need you for Gay Pride Sitges!

As well as a series of Cultural Events and Parties, this year’s Gay Pride Sitges will also host a range of sporting events. If you would like to take-part or volunteer to help out, contact our Pride Volunteer Centre for more details.

Barcelona V’ Madrid – Tonight at Parrots Pub Sitges..

Get set for one crazy evening as tonight, Barcelona play Madrid! Sitges will come to a standstill for the match..

Volleyball in Sitges.

Saturday afternoon saw La Fragata Beach play host to the Sitges 4×4 Gay Volleyball championships.