Getting Naked – In Spain even the Politicians are HOT

Gay Sitges Guide - Hot Politician - Albert Rivera

Everything in Spain is Hot! You know that… its why you come here in your thousands… and now even the politicians are getting in on the act. Take for example the boy in the photos above. Ok, we have no idea what his sexual persuasion is.. but he looks hot… He's a lawyer, he's 25 and hes Catalan…. very very nice.

He has our vote in November… definitely.

Gay Sitges Guide - Hot Politician - Albert Rivera

Who said politics was boring!

A Night in Garaff Park

Night Tour in Garaff Park, Gay Sitges, Gay Sitges Guide

When Available 2nd, 9th 17th and 24th of October
Where Garaff Nature Reserve

Continuing on our theme of doing something different…. what about a night tour of Garaff Park, one of the most spectacular nature reserves in Spain? This October you have the opportunity of visiting the park at night with a guided tour group where you will explore the old castle, Jafra and the wild fruits of the forest. For further information contact Jafra Natura: 627 978 569 / 627 978 568 or visit the offical site for the park.

Doing Something Different?

Port Aventura, Barcelona, Water Park, Gay Sitges

Sometimes you want to do something a little different on your holiday. So after all those days on the beach, you might want to consider a visit to Paramount's Port Aventura. This is a theme park with Spanish Style… no tacky plastic here! Just lots of hot boys enjoying the rides, waves and fun the park has to offer. Tickets cost between EUR 10 and 20 depending on the Season.

Getting there from Sitges is very easy. The resort has its own train station (Port Aventura Natrually) and is approximately 20 mins journey.

For further information visit the official site for Port Aventura

Menjar De Tast – Gourmet Food Festival – Sitges 2006

Menjar De Tast - Sitges Gourmet Food Festival

You know by now that Sitges is world famous for its various Fiestas. They will celebrate just about anything… but this Fiesta is definitely one of the more delicious ones… The Menjar De Tast is the annual gastronomy and wine festival held to celebrate the end of the grape harvest.

A special event is held on the 28th of this month where, for EUR 28 you can gain entry into a Gourmet Feast taking place in the beautiful gardens of the Hort De Can Falc.

Find out more and get a full program by visiting the Menjar De Tast listing on GSG

Santa Tecla Fireworks 2006

Santa Tecla Fireworks, Gay Sitges Guide

Photos from the recent Santa Tecla Festival are now online in the Photo Gallery.

Here are 3 of our favourites.

From the front of the Church, these ones make a giant bang sound!

Santa Tecla Fireworks, Gay Sitges Guide

No its not an air raid, its a massive firework going off just by La Fragata Beach… Most people were watching from the beach behind where this photo was taken, except for the few brave kids in the photo!

Santa Tecla Fireworks, Gay Sitges Guide

The end of the night, the church resembled something closer to a Disneyland castle… truly magic.

Santa Tecla Fireworks, Gay Sitges Guide

Video Coverage – Fiesta Mayor



Santa Tecla 2006 – Reminder

Santa Tecla

Just a quick reminder that the Samta Tecla festival starts tomorrow and contiues on to the weekend. Expect lots of boys banging their drums all over Sitges. Its noisy but hypnotic.

For more information visit the events page.

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Beach Life – Sitges Style

Gay Beach Boy Sitges

Its amazing the things you see on the beaches in Sitges. The weather is still very warm, with yesterday (Sunday) offering us some superb sunshine. We were on San Sebastian Beach, not particulary gay, but definitely full of eye candy. We caught this boy playing catch with his rugby ball and couldn't resist taking some shots.

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