May we Suggest – What to Drink for New Year’s Eve…

Spanish Cava

If you are spending New Year's Even in Spain and are planning on a glass of bubbly to see in the new year, then may we offer some advice? Cava, cava, cava! Yes, those of you familiar with traveling to Catalunya will know Cava well. Cheaper than its pretensious French sister and far less self-effected than its Californian cousins, Cava is one of the most versitile of Wines and has been produced in the Penedès region since the Greeks settled here in antiquity.

Bottles start at EUR 1.50, but we recommend, Segura Viudas' Reserva Heredad, which is sold in a bottle with a highly decorative metal ring around the bottom of the bottle and a metal crest on the side. Cava should be served very cold to really enjoy it. Serve in chilled flute champagne glasses so that the bubbles last longer, since they must travel farther before they break the surface. Place the glasses in the freezer for at least a half-hour before you will use them. Chilled glasses help to keep the cava cold.

Spanish Cava

Of course you could always wait until later on in the night and pour yourself a galss of Tequila or two… or even a whole bottle full… It is the New Year after all. Just ask these boys celebrating a birthday in Trailer last August when 2 bottles were consumed. Ouch!

Menjar De Tast – Gourmet Food Festival – Sitges 2006

Menjar De Tast - Sitges Gourmet Food Festival

You know by now that Sitges is world famous for its various Fiestas. They will celebrate just about anything… but this Fiesta is definitely one of the more delicious ones… The Menjar De Tast is the annual gastronomy and wine festival held to celebrate the end of the grape harvest.

A special event is held on the 28th of this month where, for EUR 28 you can gain entry into a Gourmet Feast taking place in the beautiful gardens of the Hort De Can Falc.

Find out more and get a full program by visiting the Menjar De Tast listing on GSG