Fiesta Mayor Sitges

Fiesta Mayor 2017 – Firework Photos

Every year on the 23rd of August, the fireworks of Fiesta Mayor, the town’s biggest festival, light up the beachfront night sky!

Fiesta Mayor Sitges 2015

This year’s Fiesta Mayor saw more than 200,000 people visit the village of Sitges over 8 days with more than 60,000 people watching the amazing firework spectacular.

Parrots Pub – Fiesta Mayor 2016

Parrots Pub is one of the busiest bars in August attracting gay guys and their friends from around the world

Weekend Fiesta Mayor Parties – Sitges 2015

The streets of Sitges and the bars around the town were full of hot guys celebrating the end of August season and Fiesta Mayor.

Fiesta Mayor Friday at Parrots Restaurant

Lady Diamond was busy stopping street traffic during her very popular Friday night dinner show.

Fiesta Mayor Sitges 2014

Fiesta Mayor may be some time away (End of August 2014)…however the association behind the dancing and parades during the event have produced a very special documentary covering the behind-the-scenes and very best of what is Sitges biggest festival.

Fiesta Mayor in Sitges at Privilege..

Fiesta Mayor celebrations concluded in Sitges on Saturday Night. We will have more photos of the fireworks and parades from out photographers later this week.

Fiesta Mayor at Organic Club Sitges 2013

Organic was our final destination for Fiesta Mayor celebrations. The club is open every night throughout the Summer season.

Fiesta Mayor @ Privilege 2013

Its Fiesta Mayor in Sitges.. the town’s biggest festival! Friday night saw a spectacular Firework’s display, the finale of which you can see in the video below.