Sitges Zombie Walk

Sitges Zombie Walk 2015 – All you need to know

This year’s Sitges Zombie Walk is expected to draw record numbers. The event takes place on Saturday the 10th of October

Parrots Stop SIDA Gala Benefit

Parrots Stop SIDA Gala benefit raises 11,000 for charity.

The Parrots Stop SIDA Gala Benefit raised more than 11,000 EUR for charity!

Events 2016 Sitges

Sitges Events Calendar 2016 – What not to miss!

Check out the very best Sitges events not to be missed in Sitges 2016.

Santa Tecla & Nit De Focs

Santa Tecla & Nit de Foc Sitges 2015

Santa Tecla is the town’s second big fiesta (after Fiesta Mayor) and celebrates another of the town’s patron saints.

Bears Week Sitges – Mr Bear Sitges – Saturday 2015

Check out the Mr Bear Sitges winner on the streets of Sitges this bears week along with all the other hot bears, chasers and more from around the world!

Friday Night – Bears Week Sitges

Weekend + Bears Week Sitges 2015 = One Busy town with one of the busiest weekends on record in Sitges.

Privilege – Bears Week Sitges – Friday 2015

Sitges Bear Cave at Privilege proved a popular spot for those coming to and from the Bear Village to C.Joan Tarrida!

Lady Diamond – Bears Week Dinner 2015

Joan Tarrida is already the home of Sitges bears during the September event, and so the Lady Diamond Friday dinners take on a different atmosphere with the streets even busier!

Bears Week at Carousel Bar Sitges

Check out photos from this year’s bears week as the entire of Joan Tarrida become one big party zone and Carousel was at the centre!

Pants on Pants Off Sitges

Privilege – Pants off – September

Check out the ADDICTED pants on pants off show in Privilege this bears week! – Great fun as usual.