Sitges Carnival 2013

Who knows where we will be in 2013. One thing is for sure, it is never too early to start planning your trip to a Sitges Carnival.

Sitges Carnival 2012 – A look back ….

What an amazing Carnival. 7 days of Crazy parties, events and parades…and we are not even half-way through our review of photos. Here is a selection of some of our favourites so far.

Carnival 2012 – at El Candil – Sun 12th February

Carnival kicked off on Sunday night to a packed house in El Canidl. Their traditional Sunday Night show marks the start of 10 days of parties and mayhem in Sitges.

Oreks – Sitges Carnival 2012

Oreks will be open throughout the Sitges Carnival 2012 festivities. And their feature night will take place on Monday, the 20th of February. Their Prize Night is one of the most popular parties with some amazing prizes!

Ruby Sitges – Carnival 2012

Ruby Sitges opens this weekend for the Winter season, but her Carnival parties kick off next Saturday the 11th of January.

Parrots Restaurant – Carnival Sitges 2012

Parrots Restaurant reopens for the Carnival Season with a special dinner show featuring Secre and a Dinner with Diamonds, Lady Diamond Carnival Special on Friday the 17th.

L’Angle D’Adriana – Carnival Special Dinner 2012

L’Angle D’Adriana, the delightful French restaurant on the corner of Plz Industria, is hosting a special dinner during Carnival for Noche de las Mantillas. Its the pre-dinner before the Comodin Show. Reservations are essential. Phone 667 671 900 to book your table now.

Parrots Pub – Sitges Carnival 2012

Parrots will open for Sitges Carnival on the 15th of February. This years theme is in keeping with the year of the Dragon!

Prinz Sitges – Open For Carnival…

Prinz opens on the 14th of February for 8 days of Carnival Madness. Cash prizes for the sexiest costumes, a host of delicious boys to look at and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.