Sitges Events 2024 | 2025

Sitges Event Calendar 2024 | 2025 – All the main events, from Gay Sitges Pride in June to Carnival in February to the two bear weeks in April and September.

Sitges top 12 Events!

Fast Facts!

Sitges is known as the “Village of Festivals”. Many are based on the traditional Catholic holy days and so the dates can vary depending on when Easter falls. From the breathtaking fireworks of Fiesta Mayor to the stunning floral displays during Corpus, Sitges events will leave you breathless.

Sitges Events Season

Sitges has 12 major events. The four most visited are Carnival, Pride, Bears Week and Fiesta Major.  If you are planning to visit for these events then we recommend that you book your hotel or apartment well in advance. With just under 15,000 hotel rooms in the village the town can fill up quickly.

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Events Guide

Not sure which event to visit? Then check out our Events Guide which highlights the top events in Sitges, together with our insider tips on what to see during your visit to Sitges. From the best places to view the fireworks to the VIP zone during Sitges pride we have you covered!

Check out the guide to Sitges top events.

Events we recommend

In Sitges, there’s a different festival every other week. The following Sitges Events are the most important and should not be missed! Plan early as the town fills up fast during these special moments.

Gay Pride Sitges

Sitges Gay Pride 2024

June 5th - 9th, 2024
Circuit Festival Barcelona

Circuit Festival Barcelona

August 10th - August 18th, 2024.
Fiesta Mayor

Fiesta Mayor

August 23rd 2024 Fireworks
Bears Week Sitges

Sitges Bears Week

1st to 9th Sept, 2024
Santa Tecla Sitges

Santa Tecla

22nd Sep 2024 Fireworks
Stop Sida Sitges Benefit

Stop SIDA Gala Benefit

Awaiting dates for 2024
Sitges Wine Harvest Festival

Sitges Wine Festival

18th Oct - 20th Oct 2024
Sitges Zombie Walk

Sitges Zombie Walk

Sat Oct 5th 2024
Sitges tapa a tapa festival

Sitges Tapa a Tapa

April 4th - 14th
Sitges Carnival


Parades, 2nd Mar & 4th Mar 2025
Sitges Vintage Car Rally

Car Rally

April 6th and 7th (Sitges)
Easter in Sitges


Thurs April 17 - Monday, April 21, 2025
Bears Week Sitges

Bears Week Sitges – May Edition

April 25th - May 1st, 2024
Eurovision Sitges


May 710th to May 11th 2024
Corpus Christi Sitges

Corpus Christi

Sun Jun 2nd, 2024

Sitges – Every day.. a new party!

With so many events on in Sitges, it can be difficult to find out what is worth attending. We share our top tips on which events you must attend!

Sitges Gay Beach party

The Foam Party takes place every Wed and Sun during Sitges high season. Highly recommended.

The Sitges event calendar kicks off in late February with Sitges Carnival. National Geographic recently quoted Sitges Carnival as being one of the Top 10 Carnivals in the world, and we agree! More than 300,000 people visit Sitges during this week long event.  If there is one thing not to miss, its the closing ceremony – the death of the king! Each year it gets more and more spectacular with concerts, shows and of course Sitges famous over the top theatrics.

The season continues with the Vintage Car rally, an event which takes place in March and heralds the arrival of the Spring season in Sitges. The cars, all of them pre 1924, make their way from Barcelona to Sitges via the coast road. The best vantage point to see the cars as they drive past is on Psg Ribera, right on the seafront.

Depending on when Carnival begins and ends, Easter is normally the end of March or early April. The Sitges tapas festival takes place during this time and is a great way to experience this unique Spanish cuisine.  More than 30 different restaurants participate and you can try delicious tapas and a cool beer for just under EUR 3.

…by mid may all of the bars and clubs are open daily, the beaches are busy and the season is in full swing….

May sees the arrival of the bears, the first of two bears events in Sitges. Although smaller than its September big brother, the Sitges bears meeting falls on a bank holiday weekend in Spain, so its very popular with Spanish bears as well as international visitors.  And by mid may all of the bars and clubs are open daily, the beaches are busy and the season is in full swing.

As the temperatures climb, Sitges Pride kicks off in Mid June. The event has grown to become one of the most popular Prides in Europe. The privileged beachfront location of the gay village with its large bars, open air concerts and stunning Sunday parade provide all the ingredients for 5 days of fun and debauchery.  If you really want to experience the best of Sitges Pride, book a VIP ticket that gets you into the inner-circle at all pride parties and concerts.  One party not to miss? – That’s easy, any of the Pool parties…. amazing men, great music, excellent food and cocktails!

The Corpus festival, one of Sitges prettiest events also takes place in June. The streets of Sitges are covered in amazing flower petal murals depicting everything from the traditional to the bizarre. Try and browse the village early in the morning to get a proper look at the displays as by mid afternoon Sitges comes to a complete standstill.

Sitges infamous foam parties are not for the faint of heart. The hottest guys in the tightest trunks strut their stuff on the dancefloor covered in foam….so you can imagine just what happens below the waistline. The event takes place on Wed, Fri and Sun during July and August. Check out the beach flyers for the venue details.

August ends with a bang! A real big one…. 30 minutes of the most incredible fireworks you will ever see – all exploding right over the beach and the church of Sitges. Every year on the 23rd of August, Sitges celebrates its Fiesta Mayor, in celebration of the towns patron saint. Thousands of people line the paseo to watch the spectacle. Grab your space early – before 10pm. Our best advice? Book a sea front facing room in the Calipolis, Celimar, Santa Maria, Platjador or Nina hotels and watch the fireworks with a bottle of cava on the comfort of your own balcony.

Sitges Foam Parties

Sitges infamous foam parties are not for the faint of heart. The hottest guys in the tightest trunks strut their stuff on the dancefloor covered in foam….

September sees the return of the bears for the Second bears event, Sitges Bears Week. This event has grown to become one of the largest bear meetings in Europe, with more than 5000+ bears and admirers visiting Sitges. There’s even a “bear-village” on the seafront with live acts, djs and shows every night, all overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean.

By the end of September things begin to slow down a little as the frenetic pace of Summer comes to an end. Sitges second most important festival, “Santa Tecla” is like a mini Fiesta Mayor, complete with its own beautiful fireworks display. Because its less crowded it can also be easier to get an amazing view of the Human towers in the main square and get up close and personal with the stunning Sitges dancers as they make their way through the town during the traditional processions to the church that bears the events name.

In early October, Sitges transforms into one of the most frightening places on earth as the town welcomes the International Film Festival, one of the most important Sci Fi and Horror film events in the world.  The top directors and stars of the forthcoming Hollywood blockbusters tread the boulevards of Sitges along with film buffs and fans with more than 100 films being shown over 10 days. The highlight of the event is the Sitges Zombie Walk, where more than 4,000 visitors are transformed by professional makeup artists into Zombies that roam the streets of Sitges, frightening whoever they meet! Arrive early if you want your makeup the queues can last for hours, but the results are stunning!

November to end of January in Sitges is considered off season, but weekends are busy and most of the larger bars and terraces will be open from Friday to Sunday. Many people like to visit Sitges during this period, the weather is still warm, (although not beach weather) and the relaxed pace makes it the perfect time to experience a different side of the village.

  • Go VIP

    If your budget will stretch to it, then grab a VIP ticket for Sitges Pride. The EUR 200 will get you access to all the parties, including a drink at each one, but the real benefit is access to the “Inner Circle” in the gay village, right up close to all the main concerts and access to your own bar.

  • Baby you’re a firework!

    The Fiesta Mayor fireworks are stunning. You won’t experience any other firework display like it. 30 minutes of mesmerising displays over the beach and church. Stay in the hotels by the seafront and watch the entire event from the comfort of your own balcony.

  • Dance dance dance...

    Check out the Foam Party Every Wednesday and Sunday night with some of the hottest guys partying till dawn!


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Hotel Dolce Sitges

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Hotel Mim Sitges

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Hotel Medium, 3 Star
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Hotel Medium Sitges

The Hotel Medium is located in the heart of Sitges just seconds from the centre of town with a great pool.

Hotel ME, 4 Star
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Hotel ME Terramar Sitges

The Hotel ME Terramar Sitges is one of the finest hotels in Sitges with its own beach club and large rooms.

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