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Bears Bar – Parties Summer 2007

Come June 1’st most of the bars will have their parties and theme nights in full swing..and that includes Bears’ Bar. Shorts party Tuesdays, Underwear Party Wednesdays, Topless Thursdays, Dark/Leather Sundays… and a Red Party Every 2nd Sunday Afternoon… So pop in and say hello to Yves… and all the other bears! Don’t forget to […]


Early Morning Sitges

Sitges is full of surprises. Get up early and you will see some of the most amazing guys working out on the beach… running, swimming or even playing voleyball. From about 8am people start heading to the beach. Its a beautiful time of the day and you can sometimes meet people still on their way […]


Cowboys and Angels….

At first we though it was a new theme night in one of the bars… but then we learned that it was a 21’st Birthday… well almost. Happy Birthday to Nick who was in Sitges with a group of other cowboys for the weekend. Brokeback mountain here we come… there’s something about a man in […]


Underwear night returns at B-Side

After a break of more than a Year, we can report that B-Side will be kicking off a fresh season of Underwear parties for the Summer Season. Exepct lots of hot action every Monday and Wednesday nights…. Opening Dates comming shortly. In the meantime you can still enjoy the company of barman, Neil, photoed above […]


Dates to Remember

Two dates for you to remember! First, Privilege on C.Bonaire is having the Summer Kick Off Party this Saturday, June 2nd 2007. Privilege was hopping last year with hot boys and great music, so we expect a repeat performance this Summer. Second, Sunday, June 2nd sees the return of Lady Diamond at Prinz. A spectacular […]


Tanning in Sitges – 5 top tips

We’ve seem quite a few boys looking very red this week… so don’t look like a Spanish Gamba! Here are 5 indispensable tips for suncare this summer: 1. To find out how long your sunscreen will last, multiply the time it takes you to burn (with no protection at all) by the product’s SPF to […]


A little something for Brunch….

Dont Know what to eat? Not really that Hungry? Just want something to tide you over? Weekend Brunch at Monroes offers a selection of Salads, Sandwiches & Light Bites! Delicious items such as Monroes Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich (Sausage, Bacon, Egg & Tomato) for only EUR 6.95 sound just perfect. Brunch is served by the fab […]


Things to do in Sitges

Whether its playing balll….. Building Sandcastles…. Riding your bike backwards…. Or Merely walking around town… The boys of Sitges just get hotter and hotter…. So take a walk around town tomorrow and see for yourself… then head up past Balmins Beach, take a bottle of Cava with you and watch some specacular summer sunsets…. The […]


Bar Azul, Sitges

If your visiting Sitges, then Bar Azul has to be one of the more unique bars in Sitges. Cosy is definitely the best way to describe this bar.. And the XXX Porn they play is always…well pop in and see for yourself. The bar owner, Pedro in the middle, with David and Thomas your friendly […]


Summer Mondays in Bourbons

Its great that Sitges is so busy, even on a Monday. What’s not great is having to get up to work in the morning, when all you boys can stay in bed! These two boys from the UK…. so Romantic..they asked for it in Black and White! James from the Shadow Bar with some friends […]