A night in Prinz and Comodin….

Prinz, Sitges

Sitges is a town full of contrasts… and that's why we love it. Last Saturday night we decided to head to the other side of town and hit Prinz and Comodin for a Saturday Night out.

Prinz, Sitges

Prinz is a great bar and Marco and Ryan are great guys who will make sure your night is one to be remembered!

Prinz, Gay Sitges

Andy they are even lovelier to look at too! After Prinz, we headed over to Comodin. Just re-opened after a winter break, the bar was packed for the Gay Cabaret / Drag show.

Gay Drag Show, Comodin, Sitges

If you ever want to experience how open Sitges is, then you simply must visit Comodin. How they pack the people in we don't know.. but is a very friendly bar and provides some of the best drag acts in town.

Gay Comodin, Sitges

The music played before the show is mostly Latin in origin and don't be surprised if you are pulled onto the dancefloor by a local…. a few provocative thrusts later and who knows where you might be… Ballroom… Latin…. Salsa… and a new husband all in one!

Comodin Gay Cabaret, Sitges

For opening hours and location be sure to visit Prinz Listing and Comodin Listing.

Beauties and the Bitch…. a weekend in Sitges in January.

Sitges in January

Its January… the sales are over.. the weather is …well.. unseasonably warm… the evenings are getting a little longer.. (it is Spain after all)… and it appears that the nights are getting busier.

Sitges, January 2007

We're not sure why. But the cuites were out in force last night…. on their way to B-Side apparently. The streets were full of lovely young men in the mood for a party. If you are comming to Sitges this weekend or indeed anytime during January, weekend favourites include, Prinz, Comodin… after a brief sejourn, B-Side, Oreks and Privilege. XXL is also open at the weekends and don't forget happy hour at El Horno where you are sure to meet a friend or two. Trailer gets busy late.. and we mean post 3am late.

Relaxing for the evening after a few too many cocktails, Ryan and Ben, here from the US for the week… lost the poor things!

Comidin Sitges 2007

That's the beauty of Sitges. So many different people, nationalities and types… you are guaranteed to find something you might like! Yum. See you Saturday Night!

Dog Meat Disco – Privilege – This Saturday 6th Jan

Dog Meat Disco, Privilege, Sitges

Dog Meat Disco will take place in Sitges once again this Saturday. With special performances by TuTu, DJ by Jon Wedge and hosted by Glenn. Expect another “Freaky, Kinky evening with a bad education.”

View listing details.

New Years Eve 2007

Happy 2007

Ok, we are wishing you a Happy 2007 a little early as we just know its going to be a very late night and the first day of 2007 will probably start very late for all of us.

So, if you are visiting Sitges be sure to say hello. We're starting the night off at a little casino soiree which is now booked out so sorry boys. But we will be sure to see you in Privilege, Prinz, B-Side, Oreks and ultimately Organic. Who knows, Ricky's and Trailer might also get a visit!

Other bars open include, El Piano, Bar Seven, XXL, El Horno and La LocaCola.

Check out the New Year's Eve site for full details of what's on where!

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A night out in Sitges

It appears that you can't walk down the streets of Sitges nowadays without someone wanting you to take their photo! :-) But we don't mind when they are as cute as these guys from the UK.

On the Streets of Sitges

C.Bonaire was busy last night with these guys from Manchester planning an all-nighter!

Ricky's NightClub Sitges

Ricky's on Friday nights is Gay Night.. but you never really can tell as its quite a mixed bar. But they were definitely celebrating New Year's Eve early last night!

Sitges night out - Dancing in Ricky's

Dancing the night away… Sitges style…

Rickys, Sitges

Pedro from Barcelona who was positively glowing… mmm..

Dancing in Ricky's Sitges

Looking sultry… we thought they made a lovely couple.. but they were only “just-friends”.

Ricky's Disco Sitges

The glasses, the look, the earing, the hair…its the Spanish look. How he sees in a night-club we don't know, but he looks good!

Ricky's is open Tues to Sundays from 12am to 6am.

Trailer Disco – Sitges

Trailer Disco Sitges

Welcome to Trailer one of the longest running gay disco's in Sitges. And it has stayed open throughout the Winter season. The bar has a really mixed crowd and gets busy well after the bars have closed at around 3am-ish!

Trailer Disco Sitges

The disco has a large dancefloor and bar area. Every Saturday night sees people dancing well into the early hours of the morning.

Trailer Disco Sitges

Enjoying a night out in Sitges

Trailer Disco Sitges

Danny from XXL having a late night!

Trailer Disco Sitges

Trailer disco.. great for drink..dancing and catching up with friends… every Saturday night during the Winter. If you're here in the Summer don't forget the infamous foam parties.. it has to be seen to be believed!