Beauties and the Bitch…. a weekend in Sitges in January.

Sitges in January

Its January… the sales are over.. the weather is …well.. unseasonably warm… the evenings are getting a little longer.. (it is Spain after all)… and it appears that the nights are getting busier.

Sitges, January 2007

We're not sure why. But the cuites were out in force last night…. on their way to B-Side apparently. The streets were full of lovely young men in the mood for a party. If you are comming to Sitges this weekend or indeed anytime during January, weekend favourites include, Prinz, Comodin… after a brief sejourn, B-Side, Oreks and Privilege. XXL is also open at the weekends and don't forget happy hour at El Horno where you are sure to meet a friend or two. Trailer gets busy late.. and we mean post 3am late.

Relaxing for the evening after a few too many cocktails, Ryan and Ben, here from the US for the week… lost the poor things!

Comidin Sitges 2007

That's the beauty of Sitges. So many different people, nationalities and types… you are guaranteed to find something you might like! Yum. See you Saturday Night!