Easter in Sitges – Weekend Fun

Manager, XXL Sitges

Gay Sitges Guide hadn’t been to XXL in a while, so this weekend we paid them a visit and met up with their new manager above who definitely knows how to keep in shape!

Cute Guy in XXL

XXL attracts a wide range of guys of all types and ages… some of them are very delicious.

Mark in XXL

Be sure to say hello to Mark the friendly bouncer who makes sure you behave…..


And the lovely DJ.. the dancefloor in XXL is always packed.

Nick and Emma from Outlet

After XXL it was off to Organic for Saturday Night festivities where we bumped into Nick, who recently married his boyfriend Marc from Australia and Emma, the owner of Outlet Spain.

Cute Guys in Organic, Sitges

Organic was also busy with some lovely boys from around the world.

Dancing in Organic

Cute boys were dancing everywhere.

Barmen at Organic

Don’t forget to say hello to the barmen in Organic. Give them Chupa Chups and you’ll get served faster!

Easter Thursday in Organic

Organic, Sitges

This thursday saw Organic reopen after the Winter break.

Sitges, Organic

Tourists and locals mixed together. Thanks to Marcus who gave us a night off and took the photos for us!

Organic, Sitges

All of the bars and clubs in Sitges are open for Easter. Expect lots of partying and a busy night on Saturday and Sunday.


A late Easter kicks off the Summer Season and most of the bars will remain open at weekends and then every day from May.

Sitges Disco

For more details on bars and clubs in Sitges, check out the bars section.

Oragnic Club Spain

Happy Hour in XXL for Bears Week.


From 25th April, XXL is open every day from 10pm until 3.30am, just in time for Bears Week. Andy they have announced a new Happy Hour from 6pm to 8pm for the event.

A Sunday Diversion

If you were in Sitges last year you must have seen this Video. For those of you who haven’t seen it, its definitely worth a view. The song is “I just want to *#$&ing Dance!” Mixed in Ibiza, its great fun trying to guess which movie clip is which!

Saturday Night in Sitges

Saturday Sitges Bars

Its getting closer and closer to Easter which means that most of the bars and clubs in Sitges will be open for your next visit. Be sure to check out our Bars page for detailed listings on all of the main bars including, El Horno, XXL, B-Side, Bears Bar, Oreks, Parrots and Privilege. Bourbons Bar reopens for Easter next weekend.

Prinz, Sitges, Saturday Night

In other news, Prinz have hired a new DJ especially for their early Chill out sessions. DJ Leo will be working his way through the sounds of Sitges from next weekend!

Organic, Sitges, Saturday Night

Also, as mentioned earlier in the week, Organic reopens this Easter Weekend after the Winter Break. Have fun this weekend boys!

Bears Bar Parties 2007

Finally, Bears Bar have been first off the mark to announce their Summer 2007 schedule of Parties. They include Shorts Parties, Underwear Parties, Topless Parties, Red Parties and Dark/Leather Parties. Check out their listing on Gay Sitges Guide for full details.

Organic – Reopens Easter Weekend

Organic Club

Organic reopens Easter weekend in a sure sign that the season is about to begin and the tourists roll in. Easter is normally seen as a return to business-as-usual in Sitges so expect to see most of the bars and clubs reopen. As always your favourite bars, Privilege, Prinz, Oreks, Bourbons, B-Side and Bear’s Bar are also open.

To learn more visit the bars and clubs pages on Gay Sitges Guide.

Privilege 70’s Party – This evening

Privilege Party

Privilege is holding a special 70’s disco party this evening. Complimentary glass of Cava for all who attend. From 10pm onwards.

Carnival Parties – Le Male, Bournons, Mediterraneo and Organic

Le Male, Oasis, Sitges

Links to ALL of the photos can be found at the bottom of this post.

Le Male Bar, Late on Tuesday Night… 6am to be exact. The earlier in the morning, the busier the bar gets.

Le Male, Oasis, Sitges

Marco and Ryan with their friends from Prinz.

Le Male, Oasis, Sitges


Le Male, Oasis, Sitges

Brian and Raphael enjoying the night out.

Mediterraneo, Sitges

Cute police officers in Mediterraneo

Mediterraneo, Sitges

James from Shadow Bar, Barcelona

Mediterraneo, Sitges

What a body… what more can we say!

Bourbons, Sitges

Carlos from Bourbons bar looking amazing.

Bourbons, Sitges

The masked crusader!

Bourbons, Sitges

The owners and staff of Bourbons Bar.

Bourbons, Sitges

Johnny Depp popped in with his cute friends!

Organic, Sitges

The Doormen in Organic… welcoming you to the club!

Organic, Sitges

The Barman in Organic… delicious.

Organic, Sitges

Late night Angels in Organic.

You can view the full galleries in Gay Sitges Guide’s Interactive photo galleries:

– Mediterraneo Gallery
– Bournons Gallery
– Le Male Gallery
– Organic Gallery

Here’s looking forward to Carnival 2008. We took over 2,000 photos so will be featuring the best over the next few days. If you want a high-res version of a photo please email photodesk@gaysitgesguide.com

Dog Meat Disco – Feb 2006

Privilege, Dog Meat Disco

Congratulations to Glen and all involved in hosting another Dog Meat Disco in Privilege last Saturday. The music as ever was eclectic, the atmosphere, electric!

Dog Meat Disco

Bat Man kept the bongo drums playing…

Dog Meat Privilege

The bar was full of French Beauties!

Dog Meat Disco Sitges

And the odd Italian thrown in for good measure!

Sitges, Privilege Bar

Douggie celebrated his birthday for the second time this week! Dog Meat Disco takes place the first Saturday of Every Month in Privilege on C.Bonaire, Sitges. Keep checking Gay Sitges Guide for more photos.

Dog Meat Disco – Privilege – This Saturday 3rd Feb

Dog Meat Disco

Block your little black book on Saturday and keep it free for Dog Meat Disco, which takes place in Privilege, on Calle Bonaire in Sitges. It promises to be as fresh, funky, “kinky and badly educated” as always with a special bongo-drums performance which is not to be missed.