Bears Week – May Edition – Are you still visiting?

Organisers have stated the event is cancelled, but are still encouraging visitors to attend. What should you do?

Photo: Visitors enjoying the informal fun on “Bear Alley” in Sitges *Yes – Pre Covid before masks.

The Bear events in Sitges are some of the most popular in Europe and beyond. Many visitors will be familiar with the September edition, complete with its big bear parties, main stage and bear village. The May Edition is less well-known but has been growing in popularity over the past few years.

Is the event cancelled?

We have received many questions from anxious readers who have already booked their trip to Sitges in May.  The organisers of the official bear events state on their website:

“The event will NOT be held under the call of Bears Sitges or with activities organized by Bears Sitges .

However, we encourage all the Bears who had planned to attend on these dates, that if the situation allows it, keep their plans to spend those days in Sitges and try to enjoy as much as possible and with the greatest possible safety of our Vila….”

So technically, the event is cancelled. But they are advising people who have plans to visit to come. So what will happen during the “Non Bears week this May?”

Basically, not a lot has changed. The May edition of the bear week was always a lot more informal and there is no bear village. Official events that are typically organised during the May edition included a dinner or bbq, some pub-crawls to sponsor bars and beach-meetups or a possible  bear party in Organic club.

This May, most of that will still go ahead, because:

  • You can still go to Balmins beach and meet up with your bear friends.
  • You can still visit the bars that are open during the May bank holiday.
  • Restaurants will be open so you can get together for lunches and dinners.

However, events will not be under the auspices of the bear organisers.

One other important proviso: – It will depend on Covid rules. No one has a crystal ball, but hopefully by May, the beaches will be open (probably with social distancing rules in place similar to 2020). If the infection rate continues to drop (as of March it has gone from very high to high), then more venues will be allowed to open and larger groups may be allowed to meet.  It is reasonably safe to assume that open air bars with terraces will have their opening hours extended if things go well.

What will Sitges be like in May 2021?

No one really knows, and we guess this is why the event message was “cancelled”.  But it is interesting to note that the local council, together with the bars of Sin Street (most of the straight bars located on the way to the beach once you pass Parrots in Plz Industria) are hosting a Sin Street Festival the same weekend as the original Bear May Edition. Clearly local authorities must feel somewhat confident that if things improve, events will continue, within specific guidelines. It is likely for instance that mandatory mask wearing and group size controls will still be in place.

International Travel

Finally, when international travel resumes normally and borders reopen, is yet to be determined. This year, the May Bears edition might just be an event with locals and visitors from Barcelona and Spain. If travel to Spain is allowed and you are vaccinated and healthy to travel, then you may choose to come and celebrate the May bank holiday in Sitges. The government of  Spain has yet to issue guidelines on entry requirements. You can always book a flexible hotel and change to later (September perhaps) if circumstances change.

So stay tuned to the blog, and to our Facebook page and the App and we will keep you informed of the latest changes.

The opinions expressed in this article are to advise our readers of what is possible in Sitges this May bank holiday weekend. We are not involved in the organization of this event.

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