A night in Prinz and Comodin….

Prinz, Sitges

Sitges is a town full of contrasts… and that's why we love it. Last Saturday night we decided to head to the other side of town and hit Prinz and Comodin for a Saturday Night out.

Prinz, Sitges

Prinz is a great bar and Marco and Ryan are great guys who will make sure your night is one to be remembered!

Prinz, Gay Sitges

Andy they are even lovelier to look at too! After Prinz, we headed over to Comodin. Just re-opened after a winter break, the bar was packed for the Gay Cabaret / Drag show.

Gay Drag Show, Comodin, Sitges

If you ever want to experience how open Sitges is, then you simply must visit Comodin. How they pack the people in we don't know.. but is a very friendly bar and provides some of the best drag acts in town.

Gay Comodin, Sitges

The music played before the show is mostly Latin in origin and don't be surprised if you are pulled onto the dancefloor by a local…. a few provocative thrusts later and who knows where you might be… Ballroom… Latin…. Salsa… and a new husband all in one!

Comodin Gay Cabaret, Sitges

For opening hours and location be sure to visit Prinz Listing and Comodin Listing.