Sitges…. attracts a wide and diverse mix

Sitges, Cute Guys

We’re often asked by people, what sort of guys go to Sitges. The answer is that its a complete cross section of ages, social backgrounds and races.

Sitges, Cute Guys

So we picked a wide range of Photos taken over the San Juan weeked to show you just who wide and varied the talent pool can be in Sitges.

Sitges, Cute Guys

Photos were taken in Bourbons, Trailer, Mediterraneo, Azul,Organic, Bears Bar, XXl and Oreks. We do promise to visit all of the bars, but there is only so much our livers can take in one week.

Sitges, Cute Guys

If you are out and we take your photo, be sure to ask for our “Photodesk Cards”, where you can find the URL of where your photos will be.

Sitges, Cute Guys

We met Canadians, English, Korean, Brazillian, French and lots and lots of Dutch boys last week, so hello to everyone viewing!

Sitges, Cute Guys

As always if you have a photo you want to send in of your trip to Sitges, just email us at

Sitges, Cute Guys

To find out what’s going on each day check out the day-by-day section on GaySitgesGuide’s main site.

Sitges, Cute Guys

To find out about each of the clubs, visit the Bars section.

Sitges, Cute Guys

Clubs are covered in the Clubs/Discos Section. Remember, Gay Beach Party kicks off once again on July 3rd.

Sitges, Cute Guys

Most of the bars in Sitges get busy during the Summer a little earlier, now around 11pm.

Sitges, Cute Guys

Things really hot up at around 12.30/1am with most of the Spanish boys hitting the bars at that time.

Sitges, Cute Guys

Then its a long night, as the discos kick open their doors at 2.30, but really getting busy from about 3.30am/4am.

Sitges, Cute Guys

There used to be a route people took around town to various bars and many locals still observe this tradition, but if you find a bar you really like, then stay there for a while and someone you know or would like to know will walk by!

Sitges, Cute Guys

So get practising those chat-up lines and take a visit to Sitges. You can’t say that your type isn’t here!

Sitges, Cute Guys

See you in the bars and clubs over the Summer and have a great holiday!

San Juan Week/Weekend – Galleries Updated

Gay Sitges Guide Galleries

After a very busy week and weekend, all of the galleries for the bars and clubs are now online. You can view them directly via the links below, or alternatively visit Gay Sitges Guide’s Photo Gallery Section. To download your photo, simply click on the photo you want and it will open in a new window. *Remember to disable your pop-up-blocker.

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A tale of two clubs.. Organic and Trailer

Organic and Trailer are the two main gay nightclubs in Sitges. Each attracts a different type of guy, but most people tend to go to both…. in different orders or during different days..

The Organic Club, Sitges

Organic was full of cute boys on Saturday.

The Organic Club, Sitges

Make sure you check out the local flyers to find out what special parties are on. They have a singles night, and 80’s night and a very interesting 50/50 night…where you decide whether you go topless or bottomless….

The Organic Club, Sitges

You can view the entire gallery of photos by visiting Gay Sitges Guide’s gallery section here.

The Organic Club, Sitges

Trailer is located on Angel Vidal and gets busy from around 3.30am.

Trailer, Sitges

Their Wed night foam parties are legendary….

Trailer, Sitges

You can view the gallery from Trailer on Friday Night Here.

Remember these discos go on to the small hours of the pace yourself and don’t go out too early as you have all night to party.

Lady Diamond Returns ….

Prinz Bar

Would she or wouldn’t she? That was the question on everyones lips on Sunday Night… and she did, brighter and better than ever, Lady Diamond returned to the stage at Prinz and put on a spectacular show… and on her Birthday!

Lady Diamond at Prinz

Assisted by the lovely Marco.. Lady put on a setllar performance. No miming here darlings!

Prinz Club

The club was packed with local wellwishers and cute tourists… the perfect mix.

Prinz, Sitges

Lady Diamond’s show takes place every Sunday night from now until the end of Season.

Gay Prinz Sitges

The show kicks off around 1.30am with the beautiful Prinz boys ready to keep you happy!

Lady Diamond Gay Sitges Guide, Prinz

Prinz is located on C.Nou and is open every night from 11.30. You can find out more by visiting their listing on or by visiting their website

For the full gallery of the show visit here.
For the gallery of lady and her friends visit here.

A night out in Sitges..

Bars in Sitges

Well, what a weekend that was. Prinz had a successful Summer opening party. Lady Diamond delighted us on Sunday evening and the streets of Sitges were covered in Flowers…

Sitges Bar

After a few in Bourbons, it was off accross the road to Azul and then on to Mediterraneo.

Gay Bar Sitges

The evening finished in Trailer, where there was a great up-beat vibe.

Sitges Gay Bar

Trailer is located on Angel Vidal and is open from 2.30, but usually gets busy from around 3am.

Clubs in Sitges

Mediterraneo in full swing…

Sitges nightclub

Shirtless boys and happy couples in Mediterraneo..

Sitges Clubs

Looking hot in Trailer Disco…

Gay Nightlife Scene, Sitges

The Strip show in Trailer on Saturday night is well worth a I am sure you will agree!

Discos Sitges

They really don’t come any cuter than this, do they?

Gay Disco Sitges

All of the photos taken this weekend are available to view in Gay Sitges Guide’s interactive gallery which can be found here. Look out for us during the week if you are in Sitges..and do say hello!

Gay Tea Dance in Sitges

Gay Tea Dance

Its always good to see a new idea hit Sitges. Tea Dances on a Sunday are a regular feature across Europe, but not so in Sitges. Personally we would prefer an afternoon pool party, but on Gay DJ has taken it upon herself to takeover Coco Rico (a very Straight Club on Sin Street) and run a Gay Tea Dance every Sunday from 5.30pm.

Gay Tea Dance

It will take a while to kick off, given that Gay boys in Sitges are creatures of habit, but we think that its a good idea and is worthy of our support.

Gay Tea Dance

The bar staff are cute and you do get a very mixed crowd. Most of the “straight” boys seemed very interested in the videos playing on screen!

Gay Tea Dance

And if you don’t fancy a tea dance, well then Sunday is probably the best day of the week to go sightseeing… for cute boys. They are everywhere…and very very camera friendly.

Gay Tea Dance

Coco Rico is located at the end of Sin Street, on your way to or from the Gay Beach. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Weekend Photos…

Mediterraneo. Gay bar Sitges

A long posting for you today… with lots of photos. Its a long weekend in Barcelona and in other countries across Europe. So we had a large influx of Irish, French and Spanish boys this weekend.

Mediterraneo Club Sitges

Mediterraneo is located on Bonaventura, just a minutes walk from the centre of town.

Mediterraneo Bar Sitges

The club is large and spacious and packs out every night it is open during the Summer Season.

Bar Mediterraneo Sitges

Locals and tourists mix alike in a cool relaxed atmosphere. This is definitely a club to chill and be nociced in!

Club Mediterraneo Sitges

Saturday night is probably the busiest at the moment, but as the Summer rolls in, expect a full house every night of the week.

Gay Mediterraneo Sitges

Right across from Mediterraneo is Bourbons Bar, one of our local favourites.

Bourbons, Sitges

Be sure to say hello to Eric when you are in… he pours some great Vodka!

Gay Sitges Bourbons

And if your looking for waiter service and don’t fancy a queue at the bar then Manu will be happy to help!

Bourbons Gay Bar

For more information on bars and clubs in Sitges, visit Gay Sitges Guide’s Bars Section.

Shirts off in Sitges

Sitges nightclub

One of the best things about the Summer in Sitges, is that it gets HOT! Especially at night… and boys are compelled to strip off when dancing, which makes for some great photo opportunities!

Disco Sitges

At 3.30 on Sat night, The Organic Club was full with lots of hot guys from around the world.

Sitges, Organic

The Russians seem to be here in even greater numbers this year. We met a group of 8 guys from Moscow who were here for the next 2 weeks and told us that Sitges is one of the places every Gay Russian wants to visit!

Dancing, Sitges

Organic is on C.Bonaire in the centre of town and is open every night of the week. And just to whet your appetite this is the song that everyone in Sitges is dancing their little asses off to this Summer!

Saturday Nights in Summer

Trailer Sitges

You know its Summer when you have to go to more than one late nightclub. Both Organic and Trailer were packed on Saturday night with hot looking boys out for a good time.

Night Club Sitges

Trailer, one of the longest running discos in Spain was open all year this year, but the Summer brings a welcome return of fresh faces!

Trailer Club Sitges

Organic reopened several weeks ago and is now open every night of the week. Saturday is still the busiest.

Clubs in Sitges

If you’re out and about, don’t forget to say hello. If you want your photo online, just ask!


Both discos get busy from around 3am, as the bars begin to empty.

Take a look at both clubs full listings on Gay Sitges Guide,

Organic Listing

Trailer Listing

Summer Season Kicks off

Summer Season Sitges

All of the bars are now open in Sitges. Its really the start of the Summer season this weekend, so you can be sure that the bar you want to visit will be open everyday from now until mid October.