New Years Eve – Weekend in Sitges – Celbrating Early

A night out in Sitges

It appears that you can't walk down the streets of Sitges nowadays without someone wanting you to take their photo! :-) But we don't mind when they are as cute as these guys from the UK.

On the Streets of Sitges

C.Bonaire was busy last night with these guys from Manchester planning an all-nighter!

Ricky's NightClub Sitges

Ricky's on Friday nights is Gay Night.. but you never really can tell as its quite a mixed bar. But they were definitely celebrating New Year's Eve early last night!

Sitges night out - Dancing in Ricky's

Dancing the night away… Sitges style…

Rickys, Sitges

Pedro from Barcelona who was positively glowing… mmm..

Dancing in Ricky's Sitges

Looking sultry… we thought they made a lovely couple.. but they were only “just-friends”.

Ricky's Disco Sitges

The glasses, the look, the earing, the hair…its the Spanish look. How he sees in a night-club we don't know, but he looks good!

Ricky's is open Tues to Sundays from 12am to 6am.