Light up your New Year’s Eve

<p><strong>Celebrating at Agbar Tower</strong></p>
<p>Barcelona's <a href=Agbar Tower is one of the city's new landmarks and it is from there that TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio are going to broadcast the twelve chimes that will announce the arrival of 2007.

The building is equipped with an innovative system of illuminations which will provide an original show of light and music to accompany the chimes.

<p>According to organisers, these will be the most spectacular New Year chimes in TV3's history . People are asked however, not to got to the tower itself as you need to see the show from a distance to appreciate it. And, as it is silent, you will also need to  listen to Catalunya Ràdio to understand what's happening.</p>
<p><strong>Or the traditional Catalunya Square</strong></p>
<p>Of course the other tradition is to go to Catalunya Square with your grapes and cava and go mad with the Catalans as they see in 2006. It is truly an experience not to be missed.</p>
<p><img src=

Sparklers and fireworks are set-off right in front of you without warning.

Catalan New Years Eve Celebrations

The crowds are large, but it is a very well-behaved event. The police are even on hand to help you drink your Cava. (Plastic Glasses of course).

Catalan New Years Eve Celebrations

Don't forget your twelve grapes….. read all about the tradition.

And see you back in Sitges later on!

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