Shirts off in Sitges

Sitges nightclub

One of the best things about the Summer in Sitges, is that it gets HOT! Especially at night… and boys are compelled to strip off when dancing, which makes for some great photo opportunities!

Disco Sitges

At 3.30 on Sat night, The Organic Club was full with lots of hot guys from around the world.

Sitges, Organic

The Russians seem to be here in even greater numbers this year. We met a group of 8 guys from Moscow who were here for the next 2 weeks and told us that Sitges is one of the places every Gay Russian wants to visit!

Dancing, Sitges

Organic is on C.Bonaire in the centre of town and is open every night of the week. And just to whet your appetite this is the song that everyone in Sitges is dancing their little asses off to this Summer!