Weekend Photos…

Mediterraneo. Gay bar Sitges

A long posting for you today… with lots of photos. Its a long weekend in Barcelona and in other countries across Europe. So we had a large influx of Irish, French and Spanish boys this weekend.

Mediterraneo Club Sitges

Mediterraneo is located on Bonaventura, just a minutes walk from the centre of town.

Mediterraneo Bar Sitges

The club is large and spacious and packs out every night it is open during the Summer Season.

Bar Mediterraneo Sitges

Locals and tourists mix alike in a cool relaxed atmosphere. This is definitely a club to chill and be nociced in!

Club Mediterraneo Sitges

Saturday night is probably the busiest at the moment, but as the Summer rolls in, expect a full house every night of the week.

Gay Mediterraneo Sitges

Right across from Mediterraneo is Bourbons Bar, one of our local favourites.

Bourbons, Sitges

Be sure to say hello to Eric when you are in… he pours some great Vodka!

Gay Sitges Bourbons

And if your looking for waiter service and don’t fancy a queue at the bar then Manu will be happy to help!

Bourbons Gay Bar

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